Next Level Auto Detailing can restore your ride to a showroom finish

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Shawn Medina’s Next Level Auto Detailing offers a variety of packages as well as a la carte interior and exterior detailing services, corrective paint services and window tinting. A few years ago, Shawn and his brother, Joey, got their dealer licenses and started a new business called VehicleBros to buy and sell cars. You can find them on Facebook. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Shawn Medina’s compulsion for perfecting automobile exteriors started early and intensified from there. He began restoring cars at the age of 14, studied automotive technology, worked at Ford Motor Company, then turned his passion into a paycheck and founded Next Level Auto Detailing in 2009.

Whether it’s a luxury ride, sports car, classic car or expensive everyday ride, Shawn provides high-end detailing services, paint correction and ceramic coating to protect any finish from rock chips, road debris, road salt and sun fading.

“A lot has changed in the automotive industry and that has impacted my business,” he says. “People are keeping their cars longer today and taking better care of them. Daily drivers can benefit just as much from my services as others, as I can restore their finish and make it last longer. With cars increasing in value, owners don’t mind paying more to protect them.”

To fit in clients’ budgets, lifestyle and how long they plan to drive their cars, he offers a variety of packages.

Premium Detailing
Shawn can restore a car to even better than its factory finish with a highly reflective shine.

His specialty is paint correction (machine polishing) and ceramic coating. Tapping into the latest technology, his clear-film and ceramic coatings have protective UV shields to keep the paint looking like the car just drove out of the dealership.

Each car requires a precise method of preparation and specific type of protective coating, and Shawn offers several of the top professional brands, such as Ceramic Pro and SB3.

In addition to coatings, many of his clients opt for regular premium detailing services, which include a gentle hand wash, blow-drying, waxing, tire dressing, and complete cleaning of the interior, from leather seats to windows and carpet.

Shawn’s growing clientele likes to hang out at Next Level and bond over their cars, so he decided to encourage that by creating a bona fide man cave and arranges for social events like bourbon nights and sponsoring local car shows.

Teaming Up to Buy and Sell
Working closely with car owners, Shawn is often consulted about buying and selling, which naturally led to him getting a dealer license and starting VehicleBros with his brother, Joey. Check out their Facebook page to see the cars for sale.

“Our business has taken off,” he says. “Last month, we sold several low mileage classic cars and collectible Corvettes, though the bulk of our transactions are daily drivers, sold locally, saving time and hassle. Our clients know to shop with us first before going to a dealer or Carvana. I think people would rather work with a trusted local business than risk being taken advantage of by those other guys.”

For the Car Lover on Your List
“Finding the perfect gift for a car lover can be tricky, as they often have specific modifications in mind,” says Shawn. “Most of my new and existing customers won’t let just anyone work on their car, which is why Next Level certificates make such a thoughtful gift for the holidays, birthdays or any occasion.”

He consults with car owners to develop a custom auto detailing plan, based on the car’s needs, and uses professional-grade products to restore the paint to its factory finish.

The temps may currently be frigid, but Shawn is already thinking about warmer weather.

“Springtime is by far my busiest season, as clients are thrilled to take their sports cars out for rides with the prospect of nicer weather,” he says. “Although March and April can sometimes mean volatile weather, I hope people don’t put off calling to get on my schedule for a free consultation. As of now I have openings in early spring, but it’s already starting to book up.”

Shawn prioritizes clients who already have appointments over taking on new ones, so it makes sense to get on his calendar as soon as possible. Winter is an ideal time for new clients who need a consultation.

Entering the new year, why not resolve to show your car some TLC inside and out? Putting it in the hands of a seasoned professional makes all the difference.

Next Level Auto Detailing is headquartered at 601 Towpath Trail, unit D, in Broadview Heights. Shawn’s service is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-476-9282 or visit for more information.