Moscarino Landscape & Design has installed thousands of trend-setting patios across Northeast Ohio

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Moscarino Landscape & Design’s proven design-consultation process results in patios that are beautiful, durable and accommodate the way you live.

By Bill Yurgen

The design team at Moscarino Landscape &Design poses the same question your neighbors and friends may well be asking: “Is this the year to convert your backyard from blasé to breathtaking?”

The company’s award-winning landscapes have been featured in these pages and in other publications for nearly 15 years. Always impressive, their creations are a reader favorite. I stopped by their “outdoor showroom” to get a glimpse at what was new.

The Magic Begins with a Simple Patio
Speaking with Chas Moscarino, president of Moscarino Landscape & Design, I was schooled on some landscape basics:

“Every backyard project we build, no matter how elaborate, is anchored by a patio. It’s at the core of every landscape design, with other elements like a water feature, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool connecting to that all-important hub. If this indispensable outdoor room was inside your home, it would be your family room, the place where daily life is lived. This basic element is the most cost-effective investment you can make in your yard. Further enhancements can be made now or later.”

Once the patio is installed, the space is almost magically transformed. It takes on a whole new personality even if you stop there.

However, most people are excited to begin the next step of creating landscape beds around their new patio. Creating border garden beds behind your house delights the senses and adds further appeal.

Why are Patios by Moscarino So Popular?
Chas elaborated on that question:

“Our patio design team uses a proven process to understand your patio needs and budget, while providing insights on best practices to ensure that the finished patio is beautiful, durable, and practical.
“Part of that process involves determining how you will be using the patio space to accommodate uses such as grilling, entertaining and moving throughout the space. The best patio designs maximize your enjoyment of the new living space.
“Once we prioritize what patio features are important to you, we help you select patio furniture with respect to available space and layout of built-in features such as a bars, grilling stations, seating walls, or fire pits.
“Some key additions to the patio design to consider are pathways, landscape beds, lighting, and irrigation needs. Our team will help design the features you wish within your budget and can phase the installation over a period of years.”

Oh, the Choices. How Things Have Changed
Not all that long ago, most patios were concrete slabs.

Today, natural stone like sandstone, bluestone, travertine and even marble are commonly installed by Moscarino. Durable brick pavers available in a variety of colors are now gaining in popularity.

However, the big news is the many new paver products available. There are so many options. Pavers that look just like stone for a fraction of the price, new colors and sizes galore, and style patterns that suit a range from contemporary to farmhouse to mid-century modern to you name it.

Whatever style you enjoy, there is a patio design from Moscarino that you will love for years to come. This is definitely not the big box store selection.

Beginning Your Patio Project

  • The First Step: Call or email Moscarino to set up a consultation at their design office. Note: These folks are extremely responsive and if you call them before 5:00 p.m. you should expect a call back the same day.
  • The Creative Step: Looking for inspiration for your project? Take a glance at their website——for lots of ideas. Websites like Houzz and Pinterest will also spark your creativity.
  • The Exciting Step: Snap some photos of your home and the area you are looking to focus on. Then list items that you have always dreamed would be in your backyard—fire pit, outdoor kitchen, natural water feature, pergola, etc. Afterward, you should email your photos and ideas to Moscarino or simply bring them with you.

For a design consultation, you can call 440-236-9000 or email the team at For inspiration, we suggest you visit Moscarino Landscape & Design’s massive website,, loaded with ideas and information.