Michael Palubiak, owner of Perfect Power Wash, and his team are nationally recognized experts in the concrete cleaning & sealing business for over 18 years

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How can homeowners protect their concrete surfaces investment? A really good choice is to call Perfect Power Wash, which has been in the business of cleaning and protecting concrete surfaces for 18 years.

By Bill Yurgen

Summer is winding down and cold weather is approaching fast. One thing is for certain, those coming cold temperatures bring damage to our concrete surfaces from ice, salt, and contaminants.

How can we homeowners protect our investment?

A really good choice is to call Perfect Power Wash, which has been in the business of cleaning and protecting concrete surfaces for 18 years. Recently, I sat down with Mike Palubiak, owner of Perfect Power Wash, to learn how his company can help you prevent lasting damage to your driveway.

Bill: Mike, tell us a little bit about Perfect Power Wash.
At Perfect Power Wash, we’re all about providing a clean home exterior for our customers. We clean algae and mold off of roofs, which is something homeowners simply can’t do themselves. We clean and brighten siding and brick on home exteriors, helping to keep that beautiful look all year long.

Both of these processes utilize a safe, soft pressure system with an algaecide that’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly—but still effective enough to get stubborn stains off your home.

Lastly, we beautify and maintain concrete surfaces all around your home. For most folks in Northeast Ohio, that’s their driveway, patio, walkways, and front porch.

Bill: My driveway is pretty dirty from all the work I had done this summer. Can Perfect Power Wash clean any concrete driveway?
Absolutely. We’ve beautified and helped maintain tens of thousands of driveways and concrete patios across Northeast Ohio over the past 18 years. Our process is, well, perfect.

First, we apply a cleanser to the concrete surface to help loosen all the dirt and other contaminants that sit on the surface and reside in the pores. We follow that up with our high pressure surface cleaner that works with the cleanser to eradicate dirt and grime.

Next, we thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water.

Last—and this is the most important part—we apply a premium, siloxane based sealer to prevent cracking, chipping, and pitting.

Bill: Could you tell us more about this sealer?
The application of our sealer is the reason you clean the concrete. The wash flushes the pores of the concrete expelling all the dirt and contaminants. Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your concrete surfaces, applying the sealer is what will keep it protected through the cold months so it looks beautiful next spring.

I’ll also say this: we’re constantly perfecting the mix with our cleaners and sealers to make sure we’re getting the best clean for the right time of year. I’ve spent the past 18 years learning, refining, and perfecting our sealer. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from everyone else in the industry.

This time of year, it’s essential that all your concrete surfaces are sealed and protected.

Bill: What’s different about this time of year?
With freezing temperatures on the horizon in the next months we can expect some nasty freeze/thaw cycles that will damage any unprotected concrete. Concrete might look solid, but it’s actually porous. It’s more like a sponge that absorbs everything.

When it rains and snows, the water goes right down into those pores taking any loose debris with it and it stays there. In about two months, when nighttime temperatures get below freezing, the water that’s now trapped in your concrete will freeze and then expand, micro-fracturing your concrete from the inside out. The further we get into the colder months, the more freeze/thaw cycles occur.

Those repeated cycles have the potential to turn micro into visible fractures. Said another way, you’re on your way to replacing that $15,000 slab of concrete in front of your home.

Bill: What sets Perfect Power Wash apart?
We are celebrating our 18th year in business in 2018. As of this year we’ve officially washed over 23.2 million square feet of concrete.

Who else can say that?

Nobody. What’s the old adage?

“Do one thing and do it well.”

We do power washing—that’s it. We focus on being the absolute best we can be at power washing and that works out for everyone’s benefit.

Bill: Mike, how can our readers get in touch with you to enjoy these fabulous results for themselves?
Give us a call at 440-984-6402 or 330-645-8098 or head to PerfectPowerWash.com to get a quote and schedule your service. Mention that you saw Perfect Power Wash in Mimi Magazine, and we’ll give you 18% off plus, we’ll wash and seal your front walkway for free when you order any other service.