Meet the Artist: Patty Flauto

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Unity through color and placement.

By Kelli Comer

It all starts with color. Whether it comes from a botanical reference, a piece of fabric or a clipping from a magazine, stimulation from color can be found everywhere in the world around us. Local artist Patty Flauto cites her passion for color and design as the source of inspiration for her unique, beautiful artwork.

“Color is almost always my inspiration,” Patty explains. “Color is what gets the painting started. Using a color story that excites me helps me to overcome the blank white canvas. It inspires me to begin.”

Patty studies her color sources by swatching paint chips as a way to explore the palette. She selects and edits individual colors, providing her work with her own unique color perspective.

“I’m an abstract painter. I work in acrylics, graphite and oil pastels,” says Patty.

“I explore the dynamics of color, shape and line as my brush pushes and pulls layers of paint in endless combinations, creating a visual and internal dialogue that informs and inspires each painting.”

Patty’s process is intentional. Her work begins with a color palette and a sketch that will loosely define the composition. Once the painting process begins, a more intuitive process takes over. During the course of completing the work, Patty toggles between analytics and intuition to create balance and unity.

Patty comes from a widely artistic background, completing her MFA from two accredited programs—Kent State University in Ohio and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee, respectively. She has also studied at several workshops.

“My paintings are deliberately ambiguous,” smiles Patty.

“While watching people contemplate the pieces and then engaging in conversation with them, I am always delighted and intrigued to hear the viewer’s response to my work. Almost always there is a visual cue in my work that triggers a memory or an emotion. Perhaps a sunset seen on vacation, a rural road often traveled or the view from an airplane window. Even though the works are abstract, many times the viewers and I see the same thing. This is extraordinary to me. We are on common ground and can engage in a dialogue not only about the painting, but also about a shared experience.”

To reach Patty, you can email her at Patty’s work can be viewed at River Gallery, located at 19046 Old Detroit Road, within the Old River Shopping Area in Rocky River. Visit her website at to learn more about the artist and her work. Find her on Facebook @PattyFlautoFineArt.

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