Meet the Artist: Michele Young, Emergence

Michele Young
The abstract work of artist Michele Young can be recreated by you.

By Kelli Comer

Emergence by Michele Young promotes authentic power through creation. Working in oil and acrylics on canvas, Michele brings to life her own version of emergence.

“I gather my inspiration from speaking prophetically into my own life, and from the cycles and transitions we as a people transform from,” Michele explains.

Most of Michele’s work is inspired from her own life transitions. She also enjoys working on commissioned pieces because it gives her the opportunity to collaborate closely with another while they go through their life change.

“Painting really became my focused hobby and passion 10 years ago when I was going through a major traumatic change in my life,” Michele notes. “It became my savior. My art has helped develop me as a person. The more I allow myself to create authentic, spirit-filled pieces, the more I meet the real me.”

Michele has been involved in the artistic world her whole life. She participated in ballet and dance growing up and worked at a graphic shop in high school. She dabbled in poetry after high school as a hobby.

Currently, Michele is working toward creating collaborative pieces with other artists.

“You name it, I want to create its essence through my abstract art,” states Michele. “Transitional art, life and death, oppression versus freedom, happiness and joy, the changing seasons and more.”

Recently, Michele was awarded a scholarship to a creative arts conference in North Carolina, where she did a live painting demonstration. Michele is also teaching others how to remake one of her paintings locally. She plans to team up with local organizations and causes to have regular workshops to teach others how to recreate one of her paintings.

“My dream is to work with other artists, musicians, writers, dancers—all creatives—on building a community and connecting inside and outside of our work as a culture to share with the world,” Michele smiles.

“Everyone is invited, accepted and cherished. Everyone has a piece; everyone has a function. My dream is to continue this process and help others as well. A never-ending evolution of amazing art and life together. Onward and upward motion.”

To reach Michele, you can email her at Please contact Michele directly to inquire about her works for sale. You can follow her journey with regular updates from Michele herself on her Facebook page.