Meet the Artist: Linda Damiani, Fra Angelica Studio

Linda Damiani
Fall fashion with one-of-a-kind flair.

By Kelli Comer

When you have the gorgeous views of Lake Erie as inspiration in your own backyard, you take advantage of the picture that nature is painting.

For local fiber artist Linda Damiani, owner of Fra Angelica Studio, all it takes is a look out her window to gain inspiration for her next crocheted piece.

“Many people view crochet, and fiber art in general, as ‘your grandmother’s craft,’ with little recognition of its value and beauty,” Linda says.

“I love to crochet, especially various interpretations of flowers. Crochet techniques allow me to add layers and mix many types of yarn to achieve varied and interesting motifs.”

Linda’s work stunningly reflects her love of nature—wildflowers, cottage gardens, the lake and the beach. Residing on Lake Erie, the natural beauty in Linda’s own backyard inspires her every day. The sunrises and sunsets over the lake, as well as the lake itself, provide a constantly changing palette for her imagination.

“I make all my wearables (shawls, scarves and ponchos) by hand—no machines or other gadgets,” Linda comments. “I believe that the human touch is an essential element in design.”

Linda Damiani

For Linda, it’s all about design, color and texture. She loves to explore innovative techniques and unusual fibers culminating in crochet as wearable art. Linda’s art-to-wear combines fine, often hand-dyed, fibers, colors, textures and gauges, creating the unexpected and sometimes offbeat.

A retired computer professional with a 31-year career spanning many different positions, Linda turned to her creative outlet from the corporate world in her spare time—the fiber arts. For her second act, Linda brought her creative side to the forefront and sold her work at several galleries and art shows.

Linda’s concentration on her craft has certainly paid off. She currently owns Fra Angelica Studio in the 5th Street Arcades in downtown Cleveland. What originally started as a store to sell her work has grown into a diverse collection from independent artists working in a variety of media. Linda curates and sells a selection of high-quality clothing, jewelry and accessories from over 60 designers.

“The human touch is essential, both in making the items and in experiencing the finished product. Screens don’t display the true essence of the garments and jewelry. The studio is a destination, where you may touch and feel the items, see the true colors and textures of the work, and try something on,” smiles Linda.

Fra Angelica Studio is located at 530 Euclid Avenue, in the 5th Street Arcades in downtown Cleveland. Visit to learn more about the artist and her work. Find her on Facebook @FraAngelicaStudio, on Instagram @Fra_Angelica_Studio and on Pinterest at FraAngelica.

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