Meet the Artist: Kaley Kleinman, Lithic Design

Triple Stone One
Of nature: This is Lithic Design.

By Kelli Comer

Lith•ic adj. /liTHik/

1. Of the nature of, or relating to rock or stone.

What started out as a small metals fabrication course turn into a desire for jewelry creation with precious gems and a long journey of self-taught development for local jewelry designer Kaley Kleinman. Out of this passion and yearning, Lithic Design was born.

A late diagnosis of Lyme Disease left Kaley with multiple health issues, also cutting her college career short. Kaley forged ahead and decided to make the most of her ample time by delving deeper into metalsmithing, consequently discovering a lifelong passion.

Since her start, she has been self-taught and focused on picking up new techniques along the way. In her free time, Kaley is a gardener, tea enthusiast, and general hobby collector.

Primarily inspired by nature, Kaley fell in love with French art nouveau jewelers because of their use of nature motifs and curves. Some of her other inspirations include different periods in art and design history, primitive design and architecture.

“I have a great love of natural stones and making settings based around their individual characteristics,” Kaley says.

“I often struggle with asymmetry, but I feel that some of the most beautiful pieces from this time period are somehow asymmetrical with a perfectly balanced natural flow. This is the balance I strive for in my work.”

Kaley’s pieces start with basic materials—primarily silver and gemstones—that are hand-fabricated by forging and soldering. Much of her work is created with a jeweler’s saw that she uses to pierce small, intricate details into a sheet of metal.

About two years ago, Kaley started cutting and polishing stones. Many of the stones featured in her designs are self-cut.

“I am constantly learning about new techniques in jewelry fabrication to further my repertoire,” Kaley notes.

“This is both my career and my passion. I’ve always had the drive to create.”

To reach Kaley, you can email her at Visit her website at to learn more about the artist and shop her online store. Lithic Design often participates in shows and events throughout Northeast Ohio. Be sure to stay in the know with Kaley on social media for updates and announcements. Follow Lithic Design on Facebook @LithicDesign and Instagram @ShopLithic.