Meet the Artist: Gina DeSantis, Gina DeSantis Ceramics

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The form of functional artwork. (Photography: Whitney Traylor)

By Kelli Comer

Local ceramicist Gina DeSantis marries function and beauty in her exquisite ceramic dinnerware, making what’s underneath your meal beautifully distinctive and worthy of a second glance—a good reason to clean your plate and take a closer look.

“My focus is on creating functional objects for the home. Many of the objects I make stem from my love of cooking,” Gina explains. “I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I tend to focus on the types of objects that assist in that process, while bringing beauty into the home.”

Gina works in a variety of clay bodies, and she prefers simple and soft color palettes and enjoys carving texture into her work. She has created dinnerware for Cork Tree Restaurant and Ushabu in Tremont, as well as one-of-a-kind products for Rising Star Coffee and Fresh Fork Market.

“About 80 percent of my work is created on the pottery wheel. While I do work with slab methods on occasion, I think the potter’s wheel is my vehicle for expression,” says Gina.

“I use both stoneware and porcelain clay depending on my desired result. I always tell my students that ceramics is an analog method in a digital world. It really slows you down due to the process. After I create a piece, it takes at least a week to dry it correctly. It is then fired, decorated and fired again. The minimum time to finish one piece is at least three weeks. It is not about instant results—which is sometimes hard to take when we are used to quick responses.”

Gina began creating functional artwork from a young age—even before she realized what that meant. As a child, she had strong painting and drawing skills. In college, she realized that 3D art was where her vision blossomed.

Gina DeSantis

“I wavered between jewelry-making and ceramics until settling on clay,” Gina notes. “I like the versatility of the medium. I have a rather short attention span and the various steps and stages help me focus. I think my work is always changing as a result.”

You can purchase Gina’s work directly on her website or out of her studio in the Lake Erie Building in Lakewood by appointment. The Lake Erie Building boasts a great roster of events where Gina sells her wares. In addition, she participates in a few shows around Northeast Ohio each year.

“I like getting out of the studio and meeting my customers one on one,” Gina smiles.

Gina DeSantis Ceramics is located in the Lake Erie Building at 13000 Athens Avenue, Suites C323 and C328, in Lakewood. To reach Gina, you can email her at Visit her website at to learn more about the artist and her work, how to find and follow her, and to shop online.

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