Meet the Artist: Chelsey & Trevor Cain, Citizen Woodshop

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A romance between nature and graphic design.

By Kelli Comer

When creativity speaks, you should drop what you are doing and listen.

Luckily for Northeast East Ohio art enthusiasts, husband and wife team Trevor and Chelsey Cain answered the call when their creativity spoke to them.

Each wildly ingenious in their own right, the duo are the founders of Citizen Woodshop, a beautifully original collaboration of both of their unique skills. 

“The idea for Citizen Woodshop came from my wife, of course,” smiles Trevor. “Chelsey thought it would be a great idea to combine my woodworking with her graphic design skills and I agreed. We saw lots of great images like topographic maps and thought, ‘Those should be on wood!’ It just flowed from there.”

Inspired by art deco design, topography and different wood grains, Citizen Woodshop creates custom wood accessories, furniture and wall art. Most of the pieces are engraved with Chelsey and Trevor’s custom designs.


Citizen Woodshop’s humble beginnings originated in the Cain’s Lakewood garage and quickly grew from there. It is now in a bigger space where Chelsey and Trevor’s inventiveness has room to grow, located in the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Art District.

“Really, we just decided we would make a great team together instead of always working separately,” Chelsey says. “We have two kids now so it has been a wild ride at times.”


Trevor has been working with wood since 2009, and Chelsey has an extensive background in graphic design from her time at Ohio University and as part of the work force.

Citizen Woodshop participates in Third Fridays every month at 78th Street Studios, as well as all Cleveland Flea events. They also sell their work at the Country Living Fairs, national events sponsored by Country Living magazine and throughout the Midwest and the South. The Cains also take custom orders. Their website,, will feature an online store beginning in the spring of 2017.


“I think we’ve always been driven to the more artistic side of things,” Trevor explains. “We firmly believe we were created to create. We both hope this will become a longtime career.”

To reach Chelsey and Trevor, you can email them at or call 216-543-1836. Citizen Woodshop is located in the 78th Street Studios at 1305 West 80th Street, Suite 114, in Cleveland. For more information, visit An online store is coming to the website in spring of this year. Check out more photos of their work on Instagram, @CitizenWoodshop.