Mapleview Country Villa helps patients get well and get back to their lives

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With a full spectrum of therapy and rehabilitation services, patients at Mapleview Country Villa are achieving maximum independence. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Mary Malik

Anyone who has experienced unbearable pain can relate to Cheryl Noble. This past July 4, Cheryl was returning home from a trip to Belize and having significant back pain.

“I’ve had back issues in the past,” says Cheryl. “I thought this was more of the same, so I wanted to see my doctor and get a cortisone shot, which has worked in the past.”

After days of waiting for doctor appointments, injections and MRIs, Cheryl’s pain continued to escalate and she ended up in the emergency room begging for relief. After an MRI, the doctor discovered an abscess on Cheryl’s spine, which resulted in the first of four surgeries over a period of two weeks.

“That time period is a blur,” says Cheryl. “But what I remember most is the kindness and compassion shown by the staff at Mapleview.”

That’s Mapleview Country Villa Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation in Chardon, where Cheryl received her physical therapy—and so much more.

“Throughout my ordeal, I was treated at different area hospitals,” says Cheryl. “My experience at Mapleview was entirely different. I started to respond and actually get better. The nurses and therapists really understand pain and pain management. I was in the right hands.”

The comprehensive rehabilitation program at Mapleview focuses on the restoration of a patient’s physical function, with the ultimate goal of returning him or her to maximum independence and improved quality of life. Physical, occupational and speech therapists all work together and monitor patients to make sure they are progressing toward their individual goals.

Together, therapists and patients work on those goals in Mapleview’s expansive state-of-the-art therapy space, featuring equipment for strength training and enhancement of physical function. The therapy room features an apartment setting complete with a full kitchen and bedroom, so therapists can work on the skills necessary for a person to function at home.

“October is National Physical Therapy Month,” says Rose Vargo, Director of Rehabilitation Services.

“Our goal is always celebrating our therapists all month long and showing appreciation for the remarkable work they do. Their goal is always to return patients to their homes, functioning safely again.”

In Cheryl’s case, she suffered nerve damage in her back and her legs as a result of her surgeries. After weeks of therapy at Mapleview, she was back on her feet and took her first steps in three months on Labor Day. She hasn’t stopped since.

“There’s no going backward,” says Cheryl’s husband, Mike. “It’s been forward motion with the support of everyone here.”

Cheryl attributes her success to the attention of the staff, and to the consistency of her therapists.

“You work with the same people every day,” says Cheryl. “They know my story, know what I’m capable of and what my goals are. I don’t have to explain what has happened. We are always progressing and the atmosphere here is so positive”

And as of late September, Cheryl is officially an outpatient of Mapleview and receiving her therapy on an outpatient basis.

“Together with your doctors, our staff develops your individualized care plan designed with the goal of getting you back to your life as soon as possible,” says Karen Haynik, Hospital Liaison.

“We handle a variety of conditions along with our post-operative therapy, such as recovery from fractures, respiratory conditions, strokes and complex wounds.”

Karen’s job is to meet with you in the hospital before you even get to Mapleview, and work with you, your doctors and family to get the most out of your treatment. And in addition to the rehabilitation services, Mapleview also offers short- and long-term skilled nursing care, respite and memory care.

Every suite at Mapleview Country Villa is private, with private bathrooms and showers. Suites have individually controlled heating and air conditioning, telephones and smart televisions, large windows and on-demand internet. And don’t forget the complimentary Wi-Fi, convenient computer workstations, family dining room, barber and beauty shops.

All residents at Mapleview also have access to on-site services, including dentistry, audiology, optometry, psychology and psychiatry.

“And the residents also have fun,” says Karen. “The activities staff works hard to create individual programs based on the resident’s physical, educational and spiritual needs.”

Cheryl is back home now with her family and her dogs, thanks to the dedicated care of the staff at Mapleview Country Villa.

“I would recommend Mapleview to anyone,” says Cheryl. “I’m improving every day and looking forward to the future.”

Mapleview Country Villa is located at 775 South Street in Chardon. For more information about all of the care options that Mapleview offers, call 440-286-8176.