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Bring your school supply list to us

Every parent knows the stress of receiving your child's very-detailed school supply list. But while pens, pencils, and notebooks are an annual necessity, for parents of children about to start band and orchestra, that stress is often magnified by the marked addition of things like rosin, reeds, and of course, a musical instrument. When...

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Let it begin with Kindermusik

A good beginning never ends. That’s why it’s never too early to get your child involved in Kindermusik. What is Kindermusik?Kindermusik is a passionate, accessible program developed for children ages 0-7 that uses music and movement to give children a strong foundation for lifelong learning. This early intervention, as soon as...

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How learning to play a musical instrument can help your child in school

A recent Northwestern University study has confirmed that in order to fully reap the benefits of a music class, students should not only be listening to music, but also learning to play a musical instrument. The long list of benefits includes fostering a sense of achievement and improvement in areas like coordination, memory, listening and social...

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What are the benefits of Kindermusik classes?

Using music as a vehicle for learning is not a new concept. For centuries, music has been used to tell stories, teach lessons, evoke emotions, bring people together and simply to entertain. Kindermusik is an international program geared toward children ages zero to six years old and offers so much more than just an introduction to...

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