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Chagrin Home Improvements can create a dramatic kitchen update in just one week for thousands less than a remodel

How did your kitchen hold up for the holidays? Were you proud to welcome family and friends or were you wishing you had updated last year? If a fresh kitchen is on the wish list but not in the budget for 2023, Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, has the solution to make that wish come true while keeping you on budget and on track...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Sweet Potato Sausage Pasta

This wintery pasta is packed with sweet and savory flavor—the perfect weeknight dish. Sweet Potato Sausage Pasta Prep time: 45 minutesCook time: 45 minutesServes: 4 Ingredients 16 oz. yam or sweet potatoes, peeled & chopped2 T olive oil1 t salt1 t pepper1 t garlic powder1 t onion powder4 links chorizo sausage,...

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If it’s all the rage in beauty, you’ll find it at Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa

This new year, instead of making resolutions that always seem to fail, set intentions. It’s all about being positive and changing your mindset from “I won’t” to “I will.” Instead of saying you won’t eat ice cream because you need to lose 10 pounds, focus on trying new healthy recipes. Instead of saying you won’t go to crowded...

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A Final Thought: They Are Coming For My Job

Advancements in artificial intelligence have been in the news in recent weeks. Companies like OpenAI have developed software that creates original images and text. An app called DALL·E will generate an image based on your description. (It’s important to note that this AI system does not simply search the internet for an image; it creates it...

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When local supports local

As a consumer, you can spend your money anywhere you choose. Steve Walbolt, owner of MDG Flooring America and Kiba Studios, suggests that supporting locally owned businesses can offer advantages to your community. Here, he explains more. Q: How does shopping local help one’s community?A: The money you spend with a local business is more...

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