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Here’s how Mandel JCC helps our entire community—including you—get in shape and stay in shape

We all know the importance of exercise. It improves energy, reduces stress, extends our lives and prevents disease better than any pharmaceutical ever made—yet we still don’t do it. Look, I have an expensive elliptical at home in my basement and, honestly, it sits there gathering dust while I’m on the sofa binge-watching...

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The iconic Luca Italian Cuisine now has a sister location in Westlake

Building on the success of its iconic, award-winning flagship restaurant, Luca Italian Cuisine, on the Superior Viaduct overlooking downtown Cleveland, the new Luca West opened recently with the highest of expectations. And from the fragrant olive and lemon trees housed in Italian terra cotta pots to the rough-hewn beamed ceilings reclaimed from...

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Home Appliance Sales and Service installs and services what they sell—no matter how technologically advanced

I have a good friend who is a passionate do-it-yourselfer. Recently, he mentioned that he needed a dishwasher. I recommended that he consider shopping at Home Appliance Sales and Service because the prices can make the average box store employee blush. From recent experience, I can also attest that the installation process is seamless,...

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Lucky Shoes takes you a step closer to your fitness goals

The holidays are over and for many people it is time to hit the gym to get started on a key New Year’s resolution. Comfortable footwear that can get the job done is key, especially when it comes to any workout regimen. Shoes designed for walking are different than shoes designed for trail running, and the fit specialist professionals...

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How Katy Brahler continues to take the Northeast Ohio real estate market by storm

Long before Helen Reddy belted out the words, “I am woman hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore,” in the 1970s, women were becoming a dynamic force in the workplace, spreading their wings, achieving success and eyeing a crack or two in the glass ceiling. Along the way, a key factor underlying that success has always been...

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