In an effort to serve even more patients with her conservative approach, Dr. Sarah Newey, of Newey Foot Clinic, is expanding her practice

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This month, Dr. Sarah Newey (left) is joining fellow podiatrist Dr. David Harding at his practice in Broadview Heights. Her Newey Foot Clinic in Bath remains open. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

In a nothing-succeeds-like-success development, Dr. Sarah Newey, founder of the Newey Foot Clinic in Bath, is expanding her practice and adding new technology to best serve her patients.

Since opening last winter, patients have come to appreciate her gracious level of care and comfort, as well as her conservative approach to treating feet.

This month, she’s joining fellow podiatrist Dr. David Harding at his practice in Broadview Heights.

“We are a great fit, and the timing is perfect,” says Dr. Newey. “There’s a lot of positive overlap of equipment, technology and skill sets. For instance, in the new office I can utilize an ultrasound machine that will allow me to better visualize soft tissue structures to diagnose and treat problems. And with the digital X-ray in my Bath office, patients can avoid a trip to the ER or urgent care.”

Since the offices are less than 20 minutes apart, patients can see Dr. Newey at either location conveniently.

Conservative Care First
In all cases, Dr. Newey favors a more conservative means of care, working to uncover the root cause of foot issues.

“I’m not opposed to surgery, but I’d rather exhaust other less invasive means of treatment, first,” she says. “I always ask myself how I would treat a case if it were my foot, or a family member’s foot? Then I proceed.”

One of those conservative measures is fitting patients for orthotics. She says these specially made shoe inserts can benefit anyone, as they alleviate pressure and support the foot. For a true custom fit, she uses a state-of-the-art digital scanner that registers a person’s steps and biomechanical evaluation.

With office locations in both Broadview Heights and Bath, Dr. Sarah Newey is able to offer the latest equipment and technology for foot care.

With each visit, Dr. Newey takes the time to educate the patient about his or her condition and the ways she can treat it. She provides treatment options that include the patient in the decision-making.

Foot Pain and Ugly Toenails
“This time of year, with people more active and running outside, I treat conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel pain,” she says. “It’s also flip-flop season. I don’t tell my patients not to wear them, but, if they do, I suggest they find ones that have some support. You definitely would not want to do a lot of walking on a flimsy little piece of plastic.”

With sandals and open-toed shoes in season, people are also more conscious of ugly toenails and fungal toenails.

“This is my number one patient complaint right now,” says Dr. Newey. “Before I treat, I do a biopsy of the nail to make sure it is fungus and not something else. Often a nail is damaged and thick. And while there is no way to repair a damaged nail, you can improve its appearance. After the biopsy comes back, if fungus is present, I offer both topical and oral medications.”

Diabetic Foot Care
Dr. Newey says many of her patients are diabetics with care needs essential to prevent complications from the condition.

“Since diabetics often suffer from neuropathy and have little sensation in their feet, they cannot feel pain and important issues could go undetected, which is dangerous,” she says.

Newey Foot Clinic is located at 3451 Granger Road, in Bath. In Broadview Heights, she’s seeing patients at 8200 Avery Road, Suite 2. For patients who cannot come to the office, Dr. Newey has started offering telehealth consults. She is on the staff at Cleveland Clinic Medina and Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospitals. Call 330-623-6680 to make an appointment in Bath and 440-526-0860 to make an appointment in Broadview Heights. Visit to make an online appointment or find more information.