Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling packs a lot of creativity into every spectacularly designed outdoor space

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Both a landscape company and a home remodeler, Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling has a unique perspective when designing inside and outside spaces. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

After the year we just endured, it’s safe to say all of us are itching to get outdoors and have fun again— sparking a boom in backyard projects and landscapes.

“Everyone is putting money they saved by not going on vacation into outdoor spaces,” says Joe Chiera, who along with his wife, Kristen, owns Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling. “We are designing new landscape projects, including patios, pavilions and pools, right now and in just a couple of weeks we will start digging.”

Both a landscape company and a home remodeler, Impact has a unique perspective when designing inside and outside spaces.

From designing backyard kitchens that look like they belong indoors to remodeling home interiors by taking down walls to create views of the yard, this locally owned company seamlessly blends indoor-outdoor living spaces.

“We are creating grand spaces in backyards that are similar to an indoor open-concept family room and kitchen,” says Joe. “These outdoor spaces are an extension of your home and provide extra square footage of living space.”

Oftentimes, this means building a pavilion or three-season room that allows you to maximize the use of your space.

Always with a nod to nature, the company designs one-of-a-kind landscapes. Last fall, it built an expansive patio, pond-less waterfall, and bocce ball court—all illuminated with ambient landscape lighting—for a Bath Township homeowner.

“Water features are like a work of art,” says Jeff Heinl, co-owner. “A water feature is like an abstract painting that you don’t really design but masterfully create on the spot, letting the stones and boulders lie naturally.”

“We recently built a quarter-acre pond lined with clay and stocked with fish in the front yard for a homeowner,” says Joe. “Plus, we are creating a lot of pond-less water features that require less maintenance. We can build a hidden reservoir of water underground that recirculates the water and bubbles over natural boulders, then soften the hardscape by planting shrubs and flowers.”

Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling can incorporate a mix of water and fire features. With an abundance of natural elements in its landscape designs, the goal is to provide an outdoor space that is relaxing and rejuvenating.

“Growing up as a kid, I was always playing in the woods and creeks, so I really enjoy bringing that sense of adventure to backyard landscapes,” comments Joe. “There are a lot of different focal points we can add to your landscape design.”

Whether an intricate waterfall built into the hillside or bubbling basalt columns, the sound of trickling water will turn your backyard into a resort-like oasis.

A water feature offers a wonderful focal point and when pond-less it requires little maintenance.

“We think outside of the box and can make a water feature out of just about anything, including metal, vases and stones,” notes Joe. “The same can be said about fire elements as well. We can design a traditional stone fireplace, build a firepit away from the home surrounded by its own patio and seating area, and design sleek modern fire columns.”

Last year, the company also started installing in-ground fiberglass swimming pools.

With each landscape project, the company creates a detailed plan, which is meticulously hand-drawn by Russ Luyster, the landscape designer. A seasoned horticulturist, he doesn’t rely on computer templates but rather designs by hand a custom plan for each home, which can include trees, shrubs, flowering perennials, boulders, lighting, patios, pergolas and other hardscapes.

Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling is located at 1410 Medina Road in Medina. For a free estimate, call 330-848-0036. Visit to see a portfolio of landscaping projects or to view home renovations.