Hit a home run with Perfect Power Wash this spring

Indians 43
Perfect Power Wash is celebrating its 19th year by becoming a 2019 proud partner of the Cleveland Indians.

By Randal Vanderhaven

Without a doubt, spring is my favorite season. Why?

First, I love baseball. The crack of the bat on opening day takes me back to my childhood. Throwing some dogs on the grill while watching the game at home or spending an afternoon at the ballpark—there’s just nothing like it.

Plus, the world is in bloom again, kids are out of the house and playing in the yard, and I have the ever-present need to emerge from hibernation and clean absolutely everything in sight.

Closets? Watch out, I’m coming with a 32-gallon trash can and we’re gonna purge. Basement? I’m looking at you, shelves that have collected a bunch of useless junk. Kitchen cabinets? It’s time to sanitize.

As much as I love spring cleaning, there are just certain things I won’t do. Carpets? No way. Those folks are scheduled to come and give a deep clean next week. Sure, I can lug out my carpet scrubber and do it myself, but the folks we use have better equipment and it always turns out way cleaner than what I could do. My scrubber is fine for getting out the occasional wine stain, but I’m not spending an entire weekend doing every room in the house. I’d rather spend my time doing something with my family, like spending the weekend watching the Indians on prime time—go Tribe!

Know what else I won’t do? Power wash. No way.

Sure, I have a power washer. It’s sitting in my garage collecting dust next to everything else I don’t use that my wife Tabitha asks me to get rid of.

Why do I have one? Great deal at an end-of-season sale at the local hardware store. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but there’s no way I’m getting up two stories on a ladder, spend all day sweating and scrubbing while performing a balancing act fifteen feet up in the air just to realize I can’t reach the spot that I need to so I have to reposition the ladder yet again. It never turns out how I think it should. Ugh, I digress.

Just like the folks that I trust to clean my carpets, it’s a good idea to trust your home to a local team based out of Akron, Ohio—Perfect Power Wash. These guys are a home run (pun intended).

Unlike most home contractors, you don’t need to be home for an estimate. They have this high-tech satellite system that gives them a view of your home from their offices in Akron. It took me four minutes to set up my appointment for this spring. It was so easy.

When they came out, I got a text message with a real-time location and a picture of the serviceman, along with his star rating (mine was 4.9, so I knew it was going to be great). When he was done, he gave me a call to let me know how everything came out on the home. What a professional outfit. These guys have a winning playbook.

Of course, when I got home from work to check out the results, they were a grand slam. The house looked brand new again, the driveway that previously had salt and winter gunk on it was transformed into beautiful sparkling concrete, and my deck was so clean you could eat off it.

Two of my neighbors even stopped by to compliment the work—it was that outstanding. I’m quite sure I’ll be seeing their homes cleaned here in the next week or two. Clean is contagious.

When the technician called me, he let me know about this new program they were starting and I signed up immediately: every year going forward, for the same price paid this year, they’ll come out and clean my house. Even though their sign-up process is super simple, now they just show up at the same time every year and my home is clean. Plus, anything else I want done that year is 50% off because I’m a member. Now my home power washing is on autopilot. That’s a grand slam.

You can hit a home run this year with Perfect Power Wash, too. Plus, sign up for their annual program and lock in your price and the deal forever.

Don’t strike out and miss this deal. Call Perfect Power Wash today at 440-984-6402 or 330-645-8098 or head to PerfectPowerWash.com to schedule in minutes.