Here’s why The Gutter Boys says their Valor Gutter Guards really are the best

Hot Valor
The stainless steel, S-curved, micro-mesh technology of the Valor Gutter Guard is clearly better.

By Beth Newcomb

When Anthony Alberino tells me the gutter guard sold by his and Ken Wilson’s The Gutter Boys is “the best,” I’m immediately skeptical. After all, doesn’t every company that sells gutter protection say the same thing?

“Of course,” Anthony agrees. “But the difference with us is we’ve actually tested the other brands—more than 20 different types, to be exact. It took us about a year, but after every test, every type of condition and every challenge we through at it, our Valor Gutter Guard came out the winner every time.”

Holding the Valor Gutter Guard in my hand and watching Anthony do a quick water test with a competing brand, I can see why. The stainless steel, S-curved, micro-mesh technology is clearly better.

“We started as a gutter cleaning company, but after discovering the Valor Gutter Guard we knew we had to be the ones to offer it. It’s the best we’ve ever interacted with.”

Here are three key areas The Gutter Boys evaluated to help make your buying decision easier.

  1. Protection – Does the gutter guard keep leaves and debris out of the gutter while not clogging the guard?
  2. Handling – Does the gutter guard handle the flow of water properly
  3. Preservation – Does the gutter guard preserve the function of the gutter?

With Valor, Anthony says, the answer was yes to all three key questions, and here’s why.

  1. The proprietary design promotes self-shedding of debris.
  2. The raised S-curve mesh design provides more surface area to shed water, and it’s directed in a very natural way.
  3. Valor’s lightweight aluminum louvered frame doesn’t add weight to your gutter, so it doesn’t negatively impact its performance.

Because he’s a bit of a gutter geek, Anthony started talking about the differences in mesh microns between Valor and other brands. I smiled and pretended to listen, but, really, I was trying to decide when the best time to buy would be.

(Left to right) are The Gutter Boys gutter specialists Seth Witt, Ryan Thompson, and Jim Wilson.

“Now,” Anthony laughs, because, apparently, he’s also a mind reader. “We get up on a ladder and actually look at your gutters. We take real measurements and give you an honest price the first time. There are no high-pressure sales tactics or calling a manager for a better price. Heck, we’ll even clean your gutters for you before installing Valor.”

And if you need new gutters like I do, they can install those, too.

The Gutter Boys is located at 1090 W. Bagley Rd., #103, in Berea, but changes the lives of homeowners throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond. Call 440-454-7040 to schedule your no-pressure estimate, and visit to learn more.