Here’s why so many people prefer Titan Arbor Care

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Titan Arbor Care uses equipment that’s easily transportable, so lawns aren’t impacted. They also have 200 feet of wood planking to protect the ground while they’re working. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Adam Cook

Autumn is fast approaching, and many of us are looking forward to that all-too-brief respite between the summer’s sweltering heat and the winter’s bone-chilling cold.

Still, if you have yet to prune your trees, the gathering blanket of leaves soon to cover your doorstep should remind you of the blanket of snow on the way. Gently falling leaves can give way to hazardous falling branches heavy with ice when caution is thrown to the wind.

In and around Medina County, the owners of Titan Arbor Care, certified arborists Jay Dalton, Jeremy Rolf, and Tyler Honsaker, are taking on their clients’ trees.

“You want to be able to envision a bird flying through the crown,” says Jay. “If you can’t, you want to prune to let the wind flow. The tree looks better, and you won’t have to worry about it toppling over in a big storm.”

It’s best to leave pruning to the professionals, who can use a trained eye to spot dead or diseased branches that need to come down, significantly reducing hazards to yourself, your family, your home, and your neighbors. Regular pruning even extends the life span of your trees.

L-R: Tyler Honsaker, Jeremy Rolf, and Jay Dalton, owners and certified arborists of Titan Arbor Care.

“A tree is either a benefit or a hindrance,” says Jay. “Some trees reach a point where it looks like the only answer is removal, but there might be other options such as corrective pruning or an injection.”

Titan Arbor Care can safely and expertly trim the enormous oaks, maples, and other trees producing bursts of reds, yellows, purples, oranges, and browns as the fall foliage climbs to spectacular heights.

Stump Grinding, Removal and Site Repair
The white blanket of snow familiar in Northeast Ohio that will be here soon enough can hide other hazards, exposed roots and stumps. Fall is an ideal time to remove them since the ground is still firm, not soft and saturated with moisture or frozen, to keep you and your family from getting tripped up over the winter.

“Our stump grinding machine is portable enough to go anywhere and goes deep enough to where we’re sure we’re going to get the thing out,” says Jay. “All our equipment is compact enough to move around with minimal disruption.”

Titan Arbor Care will repair the site of the stump and replant grass. They can quote tree planting services as well.

Protecting Your Yard
The owners of Titan Arbor stand by their promise to guard your yard and have over 200 feet of planking to take the extra step to ensure minimal disruption to their clients’ properties.

“Our owners are in three different school districts, Brunswick, Cloverleaf, and Wadsworth, and we’re real proud of where we live,” says Jay.

As the neighborhood overwatch, he, Jeremy, and Tyler credit the real heroes by offering a discount to those who serve or have served in the military. Seniors enjoy the same benefit.

Fall is an ideal time for exposed root and stump removal since the ground is still firm, not soft and saturated with moisture or frozen.

“We take every step to leave your yard better than we found it,” says Jay. “We haul away the grindings, spread fresh topsoil, and plant grass right away. So, you’re left with a nice, clean, finished yard. If we didn’t, to us, it would seem like an incomplete job.”

By planting grass right away, Titan goes one better than most tree care professionals. While the company plants grass every time on any job that calls for it, there’s no better time than now.

Grass seedlings love autumn, too. They’re shielded from the summer’s sweltering heat and have enough time to establish themselves before winter’s freezing cold sets in.

With potential hazards out the way, you’ll be able to rest easy this winter and be sitting pretty when the blanket of snow melts and fresh grass sprouts this spring.

Guard your yard by calling 216-586-6955. Titan Arbor Care is standing by. For a complete list of services, visit