Here’s why Dog Gone Crazy is a top choice among pet parents returning to work or vacationing

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Sandra Jenkins, owner of Dog Gone Crazy , has long been recognized as one of the most passionate pet people around. Dog Gone Crazy recently re-opened its grooming center and pets are lining up. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Tucked back amidst more than 6 acres of meadows skirted by woods, Dog Gone Crazy is a home away from home for your four-legged besties to romp, run and explore.

The canine and feline boarding, day care and grooming destination is the perfect combo of facilities, amenities and caring staff. Owner Sandra Jenkins and her team treat your pets like their own. They love their jobs and it shows.

Within three immaculate, climate-controlled buildings, they offer luxurious pet suites that open onto outdoor kennel space, so your pet can let themselves out whenever they like. The cats stay in their own building.

Dog Gone Crazy is open seven days a week and drop-in tours are welcome during standard business hours.

Interacting with each animal, the staff makes them feel welcome and loved. In fact, you may find your dog or cat snuggled up on someone’s lap when you arrive for pickup.

“Each stay comes with one-on-one playtimes and walks around the beautiful property with a staff member,” says Sandra. “Safety is a priority for us. We believe it’s in the best interest of the dogs to keep them separated from each other. They get plenty of exercise and interaction with people during playtime, with one of us tossing the Frisbee or other toys with them.”

Dog Gone Crazy, a full-service boarding, day care and grooming facility, offers indoor and outdoor play spaces, along with acres of land on which staff members take dogs to explore. Every pet is treated to an individualized experience.

Cleanliness and sanitation are also priorities, and the environment is pristine and homey. Bedding is changed and laundry is done every day.

Expanding into Day Care Service
“When our customers inquired about taking our care to the next level and adding doggie day care to our offerings, we did it,” says Sandra, who lives on the property with her husband. “We have a terrific bunch of dogs who regularly visit us for an experience that’s better than being left home alone while Mom and Dad are at work.”

To fit different budgets while you plan your stay, Sandra and her team offer reasonable rates for your furry friends.

To fit different budgets while you plan your stay, Sandra and her team offer reasonable rates for your furry friends. With boarding, dogs less than 30 pounds are only $38 per night, 31-75 pounds are $41 per night, and 76 pounds and up are $43 per night. Cats are $19 per night. Day care is $25 per day, or $22.50 a day for three or more days a week.

“I opened our kennel in 2011 because I understand how difficult it can be to leave your loved ones with someone else,” says Sandra. “Our clients don’t have to worry about time away for work or trips, since they know their pets will thrive in a safe and loving environment.”

Owner Sandra Jenkins (left), Customer Service Manager Christie Benke (right) and the team treat your pets like their own. They love their jobs and it shows.

Spring vacation season coming up means peak times of the year for boarding. The staff hopes people book their stays early, so they’re not left out.

The only downside to Dog Gone Crazy Kennels? Your pet might not want to leave.

Ready, Set, Groom!
Grooming your pet properly is about much more than sleek coats, bows and bandanas. It’s also integral to their overall wellness.

Special tools, products and training help a professional pet groomer detect health issues such as infections, lumps or rashes. And keeping their ears clean and nails trimmed can prevent infections.

Dog Gone Crazy has recently reopened its bathing and grooming facility, after having to close it during the pandemic. And dog owners couldn’t be happier.

Run by licensed and certified groomer Jillian Schrote and bather Jenna Tvrdik, your pooch will enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience. The service includes a bath, brushing, nail trim and ear cleaning. With a haircut and style, the service includes ear plucking and a sanitation trim.

Groomer Jillian Schrote

“For lots of dogs, it’s a challenge to even get them near a bath, but we don’t have a problem coaxing them into our specially outfitted, walk-in tub,” says Customer Service Manager Christie Benke. “We go out of our way to make it a positive experience. Once they submerge into the warm, sudsy water they relax and de-stress.”

She reports they use several different types of shampoo and finishing products to fit your dog’s specific coat.

Grooming is available by appointment seven days a week to fit folks’ busy schedules.

The ladies groom and bathe all breeds and sizes of dog. Some breeds require grooming more often than others, but in general Jillian says owners should have them groomed every four to six weeks.

“The more active the dog, the greater the need for bathing,” she adds. “And with thicker coats, matting can become an issue. We focus on de-matting and check for skin infections, which that can cause.”

Bather Jenna Tvrdik

Grooming is available by appointment seven days a week to fit folks’ busy schedules.

“Our boarding and day care clients usually add in grooming services as part of their stay,” Jillian says.

Dog Gone Crazy Kennels is located at 4070 Foskett Road in Medina. Open seven days a week, drop-in tours are welcome during standard business hours. Hours for pick up and drop off are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They offer discounts for seniors, military and service personnel. Call 330-273-1777 or visit for more information.