Here’s how you can lose weight and dramatically improve your health with a 20-minute workout twice a week with My Personal Trainer

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With help from the staff of My Personal Trainer, including trainer Lee B. (pictured), busy mom Christine W. has lost weight, lowered her blood pressure, and eliminated her knee and back pain—all with a 20-minute workout just twice a week. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Like a lot of busy moms, 40-something Christine W. noticed her weight creep up after her children, now ages 9 and 12, were born. What also snuck up was her blood pressure…then back pain, knee pain and digestive issues.

Although over the years she had joined a handful of big box gyms and hired personal trainers, nothing seemed to stick for very long.

In February 2021, Christine was feeling uncomfortably overweight and inactive and decided to check out My Personal Trainer in Broadview Heights.

“The big draw for me was being able to fit the twice-weekly, 20-minute workouts into my family’s busy schedule,” she says. “On my initial visit, the first impression was very positive, seeing the specialized strength training equipment and how professional, honest and trustworthy the trainers were. I followed my intuition and signed up for a year.”

According to studio manager Austin Buc, Christine was a model client because she followed advice to a tee. From the very beginning, she took a leap of faith and believed in the coaching the trainers gave her.

My Personal Trainer’s Heath Burkholder (left) reviews fitness goals with client Christine W., who has already shed 25 pounds overall, lost seven percent of her body fat, gained four pounds in lean muscle, and gone down three sizes.

“Throughout the process, she wanted to know how to reach her goals,” Austin says. “It’s not easy to change your lifestyle. It can be a little intimidating and scary, but in the end thrilling when you see the changes to your body and your life. Christine is an example of what you can accomplish when you’re in the mindset of always asking what’s next.”

Austin explains their system is designed to build lean muscle mass, which works well for clients from 9 to 90+ years old.

Christine’s Tale of the Tape
After nearly a year at My Personal Trainer, Christine has shed 25 pounds overall, lost seven percent of her body fat and gone down three sizes. She’s also gained four pounds in lean muscle.

At this point Christine is satisfied with her weight, and only concerned with body composition and continuing to build lean muscle mass.

Another number Christine is pleased to share is her blood pressure, which has dropped so much that her doctor has taken her off her medication. The pain in her back and knees is down to a barely-there level. And the nagging acid reflux issues she was experiencing have disappeared.

“I enjoy the one-on-one workouts with trainers following my form to make sure it’s effective,” she says. “The movements are slow and progressive and far from easy. The trainers do different variations on the machines, so I never know what workout I’m going to get walking in, which keeps things interesting. When I leave, it feels like I’ve exhausted my muscles.”

Austin says their equipment is designed to produce maximum muscle exertion. “The key is understanding that muscles at rest still require energy in the form of calories to maintain them, while fat tissue does not, so more lean muscle gives you an edge in losing weight,” he says. “It’s also elemental to only work out twice a week to allow muscles to rebuild between sessions.”

Keeping Track to Stay on Track
Christine reports that the trainers helped set her up on a fitness app that tracks her daily nutritional intake.

“Not only do I count calories but keep in the mind the importance of balancing what I eat, including proteins, carbs, fat and fiber,” she says. “In March, I hit a little hurdle. I began experiencing gall bladder issues and there was a chance I might need to have it removed. We took a hard look at what I was eating and tweaked it, getting rid of fatty foods. Luckily in the end, I didn’t need the surgery and felt much better.”

My Personal Trainer’s Logan S. (right) helps with form and gives encouragement during workouts.

Why Every Day Should Feel Like January 1
If only we had the same drive to achieve our goals each day of the year that we do on January 1.

According to My Personal Trainer studio owner Eric Schaefer, the reason most people don’t stick to an exercise program long-term is because they don’t see results quickly enough or hit a plateau and lose their motivation to continue.

“Our philosophy is based on momentum, accountability and motivation,” he says. “Every day of your journey should be propelling you forward to your healthiest self. Our professionals have the expertise and the research-based protocol to achieve success.”

He says their goal is to help clients realize that improving their physical well-being also has a major bearing on other aspects of their life such as family, career and relationships.

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