Here’s how Kaye Construction creates maximum function in a brand new form

Kaye Garage 321
For these Fairview homeowners, Kaye Construction built a new garage with a loft in front of the old garage, which will be turned into a new master bedroom and bathroom.

By Laura Briedis

You have to admit that last year we felt cozy at home—whether working from home in lounge pants, sitting around the table for family game night, or soaking in the bathtub to de-stress.

But there is a difference between feeling cozy and feeling cramped.

With spouses both working from home and kids taking online classes, oftentimes many homes fall short on space. This has led to a boom in home renovations, and, more specifically, home additions.

Kaye Construction is one of the local builders that has been busy keeping up with the demand from homeowners who want to stay in their home but increase its functionality instead of moving to a new neighborhood.

“We tell homeowners to look up, look down, look out front and look out back when considering a room addition,” says Joe Kaye, who, along with his brother, Josh, and father, Ron, owns Kaye Construction.

“There are endless ways to add more usable space to your home. You can build a larger family room on the back of your home, bump out your kitchen to increase its footprint, finish your basement, add a second floor to your home if you currently have a ranch, or add outdoor space by building a deck or front porch.”

Kaye Construction is one of the local builders that has been busy keeping up with the demand from homeowners who want to stay in their home but increase its functionality.

This past year, Kaye Construction built a new two-car garage with a loft above it for a Fairview homeowner.

“We built the new garage in front of the existing garage. The old garage will eventually be turned into a master bedroom and bathroom,” says Joe. “Now they have a big space and empty slate to design a new interior room.”

The company also just finished an addition in Westlake that doubles as an in-law suite. “Additions do not always have to be added on to the back of the house,” says Joe. “This one was added to the side of the living room. We built an additional 600 square feet to create a roomy bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet.”

Home Office
For those who have been working from home, swapping an executive desk for the kitchen table, now is the time to invest in a dedicated office space, whether built in your basement or added on to your home.

While 2020 saw many employees working from home for the first time, the percentage of workers permanently working from home is expected to double this year. To be prepared, take a look at your home to see where a dedicated office will work best.

Dream Kitchen
By moving your work computer and schoolwork out of the kitchen, the heart of the home can return to what it is meant for: cooking and entertaining.

“We specialize in kitchen remodeling,” says Joe. “Not only do you get your dream kitchen, but kitchen remodels also top the list of projects that have the highest resale value, making it a smart investment.”

“A lot of older homes have walls separating each room, but nowadays people like a more open concept, so we have been taking down walls separating the kitchen from the living room or dining room,” he notes. “While this may not actually increase your footprint, you will gain more usable space and can make room for an island or pantry.”

They also can move the appliances and utilities around to reconfigure your space into a layout that’s better suited to your needs.

L-R: Ron, Josh and Joe Kaye

“For us, remodeling is more than just sprucing up a home by adding new flooring or cabinets. We are always thinking about how we can make it more functional,” says Joe. “Function is just as important as aesthetics.”

To schedule a free estimate, call Kaye Construction at 440-297-2232. Visit for more information and check out their Facebook page to see current jobs under construction.

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