Gutter cleaning might seem like a no brainer, but The Gutter Boys says it’s how they’re cleaned that makes the difference

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The Gutter Boys is the only company in Northeast Ohio to offer Valor Gutter Guards, the most advanced micro-mesh guards on the market. So while you are busy in the yard or grilling with the family, your Valor Guards can be busy protecting your gutters 24/7/365.

By Olivia Bloom

Though there isn’t an official suggestion box for The Gutter Boys’ customers to lend their two cents, owner Ken Wilson says people regularly write them friendly notes of encouragement when signing their invoices after a job.

Recently, S.M.R. remarked:

“Very, very professional people, the guys there are kind, patient, and helpful. Their crew was extremely kind and thoughtful in my experience. They are friendly, and fair. I do not have one negative thing to say about my experiences with them. They are neat and clean.”

What began in 2001 as a true grassroots organization, with Ken and fellow owner Anthony Alberino going door-to-door and putting up fliers all over town, is now one of the biggest home service companies in Ohio, with more than 10,000 customers.

“By 2010 we were bursting at the seams,” recalls Ken. “I estimate we handed out about 200,000 fliers over the next few years.”

Along the way, these bold young guns made expertise, training and development part of their mission, and the accelerated growth continued.

With the countless ads for gutter services coming in the mail each day, what makes The Gutter Boys different?

“From beginning to end, we act honestly and honorably, earning customers’ trust and ensuring they stay with us for life,” says Anthony.

“Our work is guaranteed and we have the most responsive customer service in the industry. We believe that it’s not just about how much you grow that matters, but how you grow,” says Ken.

Seed Pods and Blossoms and Bees, Oh My!
With a business that’s closely weather affected, Ken and Anthony are keen climate followers, virtual walking Farmers’ Almanacs.

They report that due to a typical cold Cleveland winter, the trees are primed to produce, and this spring there will be an explosive bumper crop of blossoms.

“Because of the size and makeup of those blossoms, fruits and nuts clogging people’s systems, as well as those busy bees setting up their digs for the season in your gutters, it’s imperative to free them from debris before damage is done.”

They recommend for optimum gutter maintenance that homeowners clean their gutters in spring and fall.

“We do much more than just clean the gutters,” says Ken.

“We inspect the whole system top to bottom. We clear everything from the ground up and make sure it’s running at peak efficiency. This is a proactive and preventive service. Homeowners who don’t think they need to clean their gutters and let them go too long are risking clogs below ground. That’s a much bigger problem, usually handled by a plumber.”

Like Putting Money Back in Your Pocket
The Gutter Boys is the only company in Northeast Ohio to offer Valor Gutter Guards, the most advanced micro-mesh guards on the market. These guards feature 440-micron openings that allow just enough water to enter the system, while repelling leaves and debris and preventing bugs and pests from setting up camp in your gutters.

“After encountering so many faulty guards out there that didn’t do what they said they would, we decided to treat our customers to a premium guard system that we stand behind,” says Ken.

“I ask people to add up how much they spend having their gutters cleaned twice a year over the years, and they realize how a gutter guard system would pay for itself. It’s like putting money back in your pocket. You won’t be calling for any more gutter cleanings.”

And, for those interested in seamless gutters, The Gutter Boys install them as well.

The Gutter Boys is headquartered at 1090 W. Bagley Road, Unit 103, in Berea. Call 440-454-7040 to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate or visit for more information.