Guhde Flooring America is making a splash

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The most popular tile backsplash styles have made their way to Guhde Flooring America.

By Patricia Nugent

The generic, square, vanilla-colored stone tiles homeowners have for years relied on in backsplashes and showers have morphed into a shock wave of materials, patterns, shapes, configurations, textures and finishes. Take a seat vanilla, a kaleidoscope of tile treatments is having its moment.

We caught up with Monica Guhde-Rosa and Shawn Rosa, office manager and sales manager at Guhde Flooring America in Painesville, to find out more.

Q: What are the top tile trends in backsplashes and showers?

We go to trade shows throughout the year to discover the hottest styles coming to market and enjoy helping our clients stay on the leading edge when it comes to transforming the spaces in their homes and making them a true reflection of themselves.

As soon as more daring, artistic glass, stone and metal tiles started becoming popular, homeowners were thrilled to skew to the more adventurous. 

To meet the rise in demand, we started working with a company called Unique Building Concepts of Arizona. They are known in the industry for the utmost in decorative tiles.

Here are a few of the most popular styles that have made their way from design magazines to chic homes in our neighborhoods:

  • Geometric shapes such as hexagons and pentagons, especially in smaller glass kitchen tiles. Unique Building Concepts has also introduced some striking penny round and oval shapes.
  • Glass tiles, as well as mirrored tiles, have been steadily growing in popularity. As they evolve, we are seeing a variety of textures and finishes, such as antiqued, as well as a mix of glass and natural stone. Beveled edges lend a sleek look, too.
  • Metal is very much in demand right now, and clients are having fun with stainless steel, copper, brass, brushed nickel and even gunmetal.
  • In showers, we are seeing an eclectic smattering of sizes and shapes to create eye-appeal.

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