Grab a partner and hit the private training suites at Fitness Together for one affordable price

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Choose your workout buddy and enjoy training together at Fitness Together for one affordable price, like Rick (left) and Lisa Singer (right), pictured here with their FT Trainer Kalie Bella. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Like most people who invest in exercise equipment in their basement with the best of intentions, Lisa and Rick Singer of Medina purchased a few machines for home exercise and then let them languish.

Last November, with their son’s impending nuptials set for February, Lisa really wanted to look her best.

“I thought it would be the most effective path to be in the hands of professionals, so I started coming to Fitness Together,” she says. “This is the first time I’d ever worked with a trainer, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was impressed. At 60, I figured it was now or never to get in shape. And I wanted to do it safely.”

After seeing her results, Rick decided he wanted a fitter version of the father of the groom walking down the aisle, so he started joining her three times a week in January.

“When I found out it’s the same price for two as it is for one working with the same trainer, I thought, wow, this is a no-brainer,” he says. “I lost nine pounds pretty quickly and toned and strengthened my muscles.”

Lisa lost a size, many inches and says she looked and felt wonderful by the time the wedding day arrived.

Even though the I-dos are done, the couple is continuing the training.

The plush private suites at Fitness Together are beautifully outfitted with the latest tools of the trade, from high-tech cardio machines to suspension bands, medicine and stability balls, battle ropes and weights. Above, Lisa is working with the battle ropes as FT Trainer Kalie tracks her reps.

“There are many moves I could hardly do when I started coming here,” says Rick. “For instance, I could hardly do a few pushups. Now my goal is to do 60 pushups without stopping by the time I turn 60 this year. The team of trainers pushes us to accomplish more than we could on our own. Our cores are tighter and we’re standing up straighter. Not only do we have more energy and stamina, we’ve both noticed we aren’t as achy anymore.”

They report that the trainers each have a different personality and methodology that makes the sessions fresh and fun.

“They genuinely care about us,” says Rick. “It’s a warm and family-like environment.”

Elite, Customized Training in a Spa-like Setting
“We love the privacy and individual attention we receive every time we walk in the door,” says Lisa.

“Working out in private fitness suites without other people all around us creates a more focused level of training. Each session is totally personalized to our wants and needs.”

Rick Singer says Kalie Bella and the other trainers at Fitness Together push him and his wife, Lisa, to accomplish more than they could on their own.

The plush private suites are beautifully outfitted with the latest tools of the trade, from high-tech cardio machines to suspension bands, medicine and stability balls, battle ropes and weights.

Calling All Couples, Parents and Kids, BFFs
“Motivation is definitely contagious,” says Fitness Together owner Erin Mellinger. “Once people notice a positive change, they want to be part of it as well. We are one of the few studios in the area that allows for two folks to work out together for the price of one session. It’s in keeping with our client-centric approach to training. Anything that motivates you, challenges you and enhances the experience is a box that we check.”

In addition to couples, there are lots of mothers and sons, and girlfriends who sign up together and pay the single price and it works out nicely.

And the Weight Loss Winner is...
Erin, who owns three more studios in the Youngstown area in addition to the Fairlawn and Medina studios, says that throughout the year, all studios run different contests.

“We just finished a six-week weight loss contest, tracking our clients’ success, and one studio collectively lost more than 300 pounds, which is pretty amazing,” she says.

“Staying passionate and dedicated as trainers is always tops on our agenda. And we’ve just finished an all-staff activity contest where we earn points for trying different fitness activities.”

Thinking Behind the Numbers
“We are about much more than just weight loss,” says Erin.

“Our focus is on what’s behind the numbers. Behind the scenes, beyond the scale, we monitor our clients’ body composition, track the amount of weights and how long they can hold positions after they master the best form. This is science-based functional training.”

In it for the Long Haul
Erin points out that instead of signing up as many clients as possible, like most gyms do, they are geared toward a smaller, more selective clientele, and keeping them motivated, always reaching new goals, so they stay for the long-term.

“The average time a client trains at our studio is a minimum of two years, far longer than other places,” she says. “Even clients who have met their goals should always be working to maintain what they’ve earned and set new goals. Staying fit is an ongoing journey.”

Fitness Together is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106, in Medina. The Fairlawn location is at 2890 Sand Run Parkway, Suite B. Call 330-550-9839 for more information on either location. Visit for more information.