Get rid of that stink with eco-friendly trash bin cleaning

Use promo code MIMI when signing up online to recieve a 20 percent discount on your first service, until 9/15/18. Pictured are co-owners Marlena Pate (l) and Danielle Wilson.

By Patricia Nugent

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. For Joe Pate, it was 10 gallons of hot water, bleach, rubber gloves and a stinky, disgusting trash bin.

“I thought to myself, ‘There must be a better way to do this,’” he says. He did his research and discovered there actually is a better way, it just wasn’t here in Cleveland. 

“I found out where bin cleaning trucks were manufactured, in Miami, Florida, and my wife, Marlena, and I headed down there for training,” he said.  

They had the trailer shipped up here two months ago, brought on friends Gary and Danielle Wilson as partners, and North Coast Bin Cleaning has been growing ever since.

Here’s how it works: Trash bins are pressure washed inside and out with 190-degree water to disinfect, deodorize and decontaminate, leaving behind a sparkling, delightful-smelling bin. Ah.

The entire process is eco-friendly. Only fresh water is used to pressure clean. The dirty water is collected and disposed of at the water pollution control plant.

“Just hosing your bins out doesn’t do anything to decontaminate all the bacteria and germs within, from salmonella to e-coli, caused by rotting garbage,” he says.

Homeowners like the convenience, too, as the truck comes along on their garbage day and washes the bins after they have been emptied. 

You can use this affordable service on a monthly basis, seasonally or one time—$12 per month, or $35 for one time. 

North Coast Bin Cleaning beautifies bins in Mentor and surrounding communities.  Visit to sign up, or reach them at 440-360-0491 with questions.