Floor Coverings International brings more than 3,000 of the hottest flooring styles direct to your door

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Just give Floor Coverings International a call and an expert design consultant will arrive at your door in the company’s Mobile Flooring Showroom, which holds more than 3,000 flooring samples.

By Olivia Bloom

Looking to hit the refresh button on your flooring this spring? You can get gorgeous, stress-free results with Cleveland’s Floor Coverings International—the upscale mobile flooring service.

The company has been beautifying homes on the East Side since 2013, but now flooring experts Shelly and Joe Sekki—owners of Floor Coverings International’s Mentor location—are now at the helm, allowing them to offer the same high-touch service to virtually all of Northeast Ohio.

“We appeal to more style-conscious homeowners who like to be catered to with exceptional convenience and VIP service brought to their door,” says Shelly Sekki. “Our typical customer has neither the time nor the inclination to be schlepping home samples from flooring store after flooring store.”

Just give FCI a call and an expert design consultant will arrive at your door in the company’s Mobile Flooring Showroom, which holds more than 3,000 flooring samples.

“We’ll take time with you going room to room, consulting on the best styles and colors suited to your exacting tastes, and each room’s unique personality,” she adds. “Providing an elite level of customer service is our number one priority. We enjoy working with people in their homes, where they can see how the different colors and styles will look.”

They also save their super-busy customers loads of time.

“We are the only point of contact,” she says. “In just one visit, we choose product, take measurements, and take care of billing. And after installation, we also help our customers with any warranty issues.”

Five-Star Reviews

Since literally all of Floor Coverings International’s reviews are five-star, the formula seems to be working.

Take Megan L., who moved into a new home a few months ago and had to replace white ceramic tile with laminate wood on the first floor.

“The transformation is incredible,” she says. “Shelly and Joe were phenomenal partners from beginning to end. It was clear they would go the extra mile to get the job done at the level of quality that any customer would expect. We happened to be out of town for most of our project and both Shelly and Joe kept us updated on progress regularly.”

Staying Ahead of Flooring Trends
“Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has grown by 60 percent over the past year alone,” reports Joe. “The most popular styles mimic the look of wood planks yet provide extreme durability and feel softer on the feet.”

When it comes to style, Shelly and Joe say shades of gray and pale, unstained blonde woods with a rustic, earthy feeling are big sellers.

“We also find that many of our customers, especially millennials, are increasingly eco-sensitive, and looking for the most natural flooring,” says Shelly. “They know to ask for Marmoleum flooring by name. This green option is made from all-natural raw materials, like linseed oil and limestone.”

Since hard surface flooring is the lion’s share of their business, the Sekkis say they make a lot of area rugs and runners for their customers, too.

“Patterns have made a big comeback,” adds Shelly. “We’re seeing people put in fun geometric patterns going up the stairs that complement the surrounding flooring.

And there will always be a market for carpeting, especially in rooms like the master bedroom.”

Performance is just as important as style, and thanks to innovations in game-changing design technology, flooring has come a long way. Many lines now promise imperviousness to water, wear and stains, while instilling your home with show-stopping glamour.

Floor Coverings International beautifies homes in Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake counties. Their mobile showrooms come to you. For more information, call 216-581-3242, visit ClevelandEast.FloorCoveringsInternational.com or check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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