Firefly Travels can help you plan the ultimate Disney vacation, affordably

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Kristen Keeney and the staff at Firefly Travels handle all of the details pertaining to your Disney trip that you may not have thought about—or even knew existed. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

It’s hard to sell something you don’t believe in. That’s why Kristen Keeney, owner of Firefly Travels, in Chardon, focuses her agency’s attention on Disney vacations. Kristen believes in Disney and wants her clients to have the same customized vacation of a lifetime that she has experienced with her own family.

“After seven years working in the travel industry, I wanted to start my own boutique agency and specialize in Disney destinations, resorts, cruise lines and Universal Studios theme park,” says Kristen.

Kristen’s Disney expertise allows her to customize your vacation to your family’s specific needs. After all, this is your vacation.

“People often think that by using a travel agent they will spend more money upfront, or incur additional hidden costs,” says Kristen. “This is a complimentary service. And not only that, I can actually save you money.”

Kristen and her staff handle all of the details pertaining to your trip that you may not have thought about, or even knew existed. They not only take care of the basics, like flights, car rentals, hotel and restaurant reservations, they are also a wealth of knowledge about everything Disney. And this knowledge can save you not just money, but also time and a lot of headaches.

“A lot goes into a hassle-free Disney vacation,” says Kristen. “I can tell you when to avoid conventions at hotels, advise you on fast passes to avoid long lines at the rides your family can’t miss, help you stay on top of promotions, and rebook flights or hotels if rates drop. I recently saved a family $1,200.”

Kristen advises you start planning your Disney vacation six months to a year in advance, although she can handle that last-minute trip.

“People often don’t understand why they can’t get into restaurants or why the Disney princess breakfast is full, or they have to endure long waits for rides,” says Kristen. “Even if you’re planning a last-minute trip, give us a call. Firefly Travels can often make those things happen.”

The first thing Kristen does is ask a lot of questions.

Firefly Travels helps you create the memories and moments your family will always treasure. Image © Disney.

“Some people have researched and know what they want,” says Kristen. “Others leave it to me to plan for them. Either way is fine. I want to know who’s going on vacation, ages, interests, special needs to consider and anything else to help me plan. Your vacation should be just as unique as your family.”

Kristen and her staff make themselves readily available to their clients. When people are on their vacation and something comes up, Firefly Travels is there to help.

“I have people text me from the park. If something goes wrong, I’m here for anything you need along the way,” says Kristen. “And Disney is remarkably accommodating. Everything from food allergies or medical needs to physical handicaps of any kind are met with ease and compassion by Disney staff members. This is a main reason we focus on Disney.”

Kristen knows that everyone vacations a little differently, and a multi-generational vacation can be particularly difficult to plan.

“Usually the planning falls to one family member,” says Kristen. “I take that stress away and suggest activities that appeal to your whole group, no matter their age or interests.”

As a meticulous planner, Kristen loves helping you to create memories for your family.

“Firefly Travels grew out of my love for my family,” says Kristen. “Life is short. Take the vacation. Experience things with the people you love.”

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