Exactly real estate is leading the area by saving homeowners thousands on real estate commissions

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An Exactly real estate agent meets with the homeowner to discuss goals, provides an in-depth comparative market analysis, does a walk-though of the home, creates a marketing plan and lists the home.

By Laura Briedis

Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it is the best way.

This impetus for change inspired Kevin Wasie to create his own real estate brokerage, Exactly. When he founded the company in 2018, he set out to differentiate it from traditional agencies by offering homeowners a flat-rate package, instead of charging a percentage of the sale in commission—thus saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

Pending in 3 Days: 140 Sand Run Rd., Akron - Sold for $540,000 (Sellers saved $10,400)

Now it seems like the rest of the real estate industry is catching up to him. After a lawsuit filed against the National Association of Realtors challenged the standard 6% commission structure, the industry is bracing for major changes as the amount of commission homeowners will have to pay is expected to decrease.

“We have been ahead of the curve,” says Kevin, noting that Americans pay more than $100 billion dollars in real estate commission per year. “We have been operating transparently with a flat-fee model ever since our company was founded five years ago. So these industry changes will not impact our company because we have already been saving homeowners thousands of dollars on commission.”

Pending in 3 Days: 529 Sawgrass Dr., Copley - Sold for $825,000 (Sellers saved $18,950)

“Homeowners always ask me how we can charge only a $4,800 flat fee when other companies may charge more than $20,000 in commission,” says Kevin, who has a background in computer science as well as an economics degree from John Carroll University. “I assure them that they get the same, or better, quality service for everything from providing a pricing analysis to setting the most competitive listing price, to marketing the property, to negotiating the final deal. The difference is that we have created proprietary software that handles all of the administrative heavy lifting, which enables us to have a high-quality, high-communication, high-touch experience with our clients.”

"Once the fallout from the national real estate lawsuit is settled and the changes go into effect, our business model is uniquely set up to maximize the sellers profits," Kevin says. "We are leading the way in this change to offer sellers the high-quality, highest-return, lowest-stress option for selling their homes in Northeast Ohio."

Pending in 2 Days: 1228 West Chase Dr., Brunswick - Sold for $400,000 (Sellers saved $6,200)

“We have a proven track record and have been very successful and continue to grow,” Kevin says. “Our business is up 40% right now whereas most real estate agents across the industry are down 20 to 30%.”

“People selling their homes want a high-quality real estate agent who markets their home well, negotiates in their best interest and who is very experienced in the local market while keeping most of their earned equity by paying less commission,” he says. “Our company checks all the marks.”

Lakefront Property: 3578 Birdland Ave., Portage Lakes - Sold for $525,000 (Sellers saved $9,950)

The Exactly home-selling process is simple. A real estate agent meets with the homeowner to discuss goals, provides an in-depth comparative market analysis, does a walk-though to make sure everything is ready in the home, creates a marketing plan and lists the home.

Once a buyer submits an offer on the company’s proprietary software, the computer program immediately generates an offer summary sheet detailing everything from Exactly’s flat-rate and any applicable buyers broker commission, to home warranty costs and title insurance fees.

Pending in 3 Days: 1438 Sharbrook Dr., Wadsworth - Sold for $680,000 (Sellers saved $14,600)

“Our fees are transparent so the homeowner knows exactly what is due to us,” Kevin says. “We understand the stress of selling a home, which is why we created a process that is simple, transparent and effective.”

To list your house or for more information, call 330-615-1414 or visit ExactlyUSA.com. Exactly Real Estate is located at 2998 West Market Street in Fairlawn.