Everyone still needs health insurance coverage

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So what are the advantages to signing up for ACA coverage for 2019?

By Roni Bell, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Although the ACA enrollment period is rapidly coming to a close, there’s still time to ensure you have coverage for the coming year. By now, most people are aware that the tax penalty associated with avoiding coverage under the Affordable Care Act has gone away for 2019, which means you won’t be assessed on your 2020 taxes. But the tax code change is not an ACA change, and you still only have this enrollment time to sign up for coverage.

So what are the advantages to signing up for ACA coverage for 2019? Primarily, it’s an opportunity to secure coverage that doesn’t go through underwriting, so there are no questions about your health history to answer. Additionally, carriers like Medical Mutual will continue to cover preexisting conditions under the ACA, which could be very advantageous depending on your health status. And the subsidies for ACA coverage are still in play.

On the flip side, healthy people who are not eligible for a subsidy may want to consider a plan that falls outside of the ACA. It could save them some money.

If you are on an ACA plan right now, it makes sense to schedule a free review with me to see if that plan is still the right fit. If it is, I’ll tell you. If it isn’t, I’ll help you determine which coverage option better fits your needs.

The enrollment period, which runs until Saturday, December 15, is still the law. People who want or need ACA coverage still need to follow the enrollment dates, or they need to change plans. As always, my guidance is free.

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