Entering its fourth year, The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath remains independently owned and operated and an established part of the community

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Here’s how the locally owned Renaissance of Richfield/Bath continues to strengthen its bond of trust with families and the community. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Adam Cook

The locally owned and operated Renaissance of Richfield/Bath received a June 2018 deficiency-free survey administered by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) as recognition of the bond of trust the assisted living and memory care community has built over the last three years with 300 families whose loved ones are members.

While the ODH licenses assisted living facilities, it, too, recognizes, like the families it serves, that a mere license is not enough. A bond of trust exists between families and those who take over the care for their loved ones.

In its effort to serve Ohioans at every stage of life, the ODH surveys assisted living facilities on a rolling basis every nine to 15 months. The meticulous, multi-day surveys do more than satisfy concerns that assisted living facilities comply with state laws and regulations. Assisted living facilities are under the microscope, and the factors that separate one from another include amenities, religious affiliation, costs and staffing ratios.

But, perhaps most importantly, the surveys speak to resident satisfaction—they are, after all, the people who matter most. ODH Inspectors talk to residents one-on-one, providing an opportunity for residents to call attention to any issues and concerns they might have confidently and report candidly on the quality of their lives.

According to ODH data, The Renaissance is not a typical assisted living facility—only 12 percent of over 600 licensed assisted facilities in Ohio are deficiency free.

“We are proud of our care, our beautiful building, and our exceptional staff. Most importantly, we are proud to serve a community that has warmly accepted us and trusted us to care for their family,” says Jill Riser, who, along with her husband, Jeff, owns and operates The Renaissance.

Main Street, an interior streetscape, earns high marks from members and their families. A stroll through the corridor reveals a richness of amenities, such as a coffee shop, beauty salon, gift shop, library, sanctuary, movie theater, and culinary arts studio. Off Main Street, different floor plans in distinct neighborhoods appeal to varying member needs and pricing options.

True to form, members of The Renaissance have the freedom to “wander about,” something not found in other assisted living facilities. According to Jeff, The Renaissance is smart and safe.

“Wearable technology allows us to keep our members safe, but still independent,” explains Jeff. “If a member is wandering more than is typical, it’s something we’re aware of, and, if appropriate, program the device to lock the exits automatically.”

A high staffing ratio of one-to-eight, compared to the typical one-to-20 ratio found elsewhere, lets caregivers listen and proactively respond to members’ needs.

The Renaissance adheres to a philosophy of person-centered care. The staff members view themselves as facilitators of the personal choices members make to enrich their lives.

In choosing to respond, rather than react, The Renaissance realizes the potential for a higher quality of life.

“We’ve always done things differently,” says Jill. “We realize good food makes a good life, and all our food is chef-prepared, organic and natural—something you won’t find on the menu elsewhere.”

Entering its fourth year, The Renaissance remains independently owned and operated and an established part of the Richfield/Bath communities. Its members are empowered individuals—not defined by the presence of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease—and community partners.

“This is a community. We’re a family, and we treat our members like family,” says Jeff.

The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath is located at 3975 Everett Road in Richfield. Call 330-313-7000 or visit RenaissanceAssistedLiving.net to find out how you or your loved one can be invited to join this community.