Dr. Frank Dachtler of HealthyOne Weight Loss is an expert on helping people to lose weight and keep it off

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Included in the HealthyOne Weight Loss program is educational support and regular coaching—even after you’ve reached your goal weight. Expect to lose 20-40 pounds in the first six to eight weeks.

By Beth Newcomb

Many of the patients who look to Dr. Frank Datchler, of HealthyOne Weight Loss, for help with shedding pounds and inches have been told by their primary care physician that if they don’t drop some serious weight their health will be in jeopardy.

“It becomes a life or death issue,” Dr. Frank laments. “Their cholesterol is off the charts, their blood sugar is high, their blood pressure is in the danger zone, and, obviously, their weight is high. Most are already on medications to control their health issues.”

“Statin drugs are very dangerous when used long-term,” he adds. “Blood thinners and blood sugar meds are just as bad. Before you get to this point, why not consider making a significant change. Being proactive is always best.”

Dr. Frank says that even though reaching the danger zone is alarming, it is reversible. “A change in diet almost always changes everything else,” he notes. “But losing weight doesn’t automatically mean your health improves, and it doesn’t mean you’re armed with the tools to stay the course. That’s where we’re different. We can help you do both.”

HealthyOne Weight Loss is a manageable lifestyle change during which participants learn how to modify their relationship with food. That’s a key component to maintaining results, Dr. Frank says. “It’s the reason most fad diets or supplements fail,” he adds. “You have to re-learn how to eat and understand which food combinations are best for your body type.”

Dr. Frank reports that studies show 92 percent of diagnosed diabetes, 86 percent of heart disease and 36 percent of cancers can be prevented or eliminated with a healthy weight and BMI. The HealthyOne Weight Loss program is the key to getting there.

People who enroll in the plan typically realize a decrease or elimination of medications, a decrease in cholesterol and high blood pressure, a decrease in blood glucose levels, and a guaranteed 20- to 40-pound weight loss in six to eight weeks.

“Our plan is personalized and you’ll learn how to change it when your body needs you to,” Dr. Frank says. “We also provide medical oversight. With our plan, you have a doctor dedicated to your success, and we maintain contact even after you’ve reached your goal.”

Dr. Frank notes the HealthyOne Weight Loss program is a perfect fit for almost any body. Participants with as little as 20 stubborn pounds to lose all the way up to those with more than 100 to shed are candidates.

“It’s never too late to make a change,” he assures. “We can help you live a longer, healthier, happier life, but it takes proper coaching, time and dedication. This plan will change your health. It always does.”

“No more cravings, and lots of energy,” reports Sarah B., of Barberton. “My blood sugar is now below 100 and I am able to walk up and down stairs. I walk longer and am not out of breath. The doctor is the best and he keeps me on track.”

“I’m 63 years old and have lost 32 pounds so far,” adds Deb C., of Strongsville. “I have fewer cravings for snacks and junk food and I am taking lower doses of my Metformin. My A1C levels are down two points already. With his encouragement and healthy tips, the doctor helped me do easily what I could not do before.”

“If you’re overweight and aren’t on medications, statistically you will be,” Dr. Frank says. “We specialize in helping people let go of the weight and embrace a healthier, medication-free life.”

And it’s never too late.

Dr. Frank reports that many of his new patients are retirees who recognize changes in their lifestyle have prompted unhealthy habits. “They don’t want to spend their golden years feeling sick and taking medications,” he says. “We’re making sure they don’t have to.”

Schedule a HealthyOne Weight Loss consultation by calling 440-230-1113 in Broadview Heights, 330-201-6436 in Norton, or 330-734-7919 in Brunswick. Visit HealthyOneWeightLoss.