Donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s fundraiser and watch one local teacher perform the ultimate takedown

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High schoolers like Molly McGreal at Independence High School have created a fundraiser to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s mission to take down blood disorders. Molly is pictured with social studies teacher and advisor Mr. Josh Piscura. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

At a time when teenagers often get a bad rap for being moody and unpredictable, Molly McGreal and her team of 11 classmates at Independence High School are using their talents to give back as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Visionaries of the Year Program. Their social studies teacher, Josh Piscura, agreed to help them out with their latest LLS fundraiser, where the ultimate goal is to “take down” blood disorders.

You see, Mr. Piscura, as his students know him, has another name in a world far, far away from the classroom.

“Molly was looking for a creative way to encourage students to donate,” Josh says. “I have an alter ego, Josh “Prohibition” Piscura—my name in the world of professional wrestling.”

That’s right. Mr. Piscura, mild-mannered social studies teacher by day, is Josh “Prohibition” in the professional wrestling ring, a sport he discovered when he was in college.

“After a baseball injury, I was looking for another sport,” Josh says. “I found professional wrestling. It was also a way to earn some money. I now run a wrestling school along with teaching at Independence High School. If the kids raise enough money for LLS, I’ll put on a show right here in the gym.”

The fundraiser, Long Live Steve Hare, was named for the photographer for Ohio Varsity, a digital media and marketing group that promotes high school athletic teams.

Teacher Josh Piscura (pictured with student Molly) will unveil his alter ego, Josh “Prohibition” Piscura during a wrestling match if the students meet their fundraising goal.

“Long Live Steve Hare” honors Mr. Hare who supports our athletic conference with his photography and other creative merchandise,” Molly says. “He fought a blood disease successfully in 2009 and then again in 2019. He means a lot not only to us, but to other schools in Ohio. Money we raise will be donated to LLS in his honor.”

Here’s how the fundraiser works. Each teacher at Independence High School has a collection jar with a set dollar amount goal and students donate to help reach it.

“Teachers have offered incentives like shaving their head if they reach their goal,” Molly says. “Mr. Piscura’s incentive is a wrestling match in the gym featuring Josh ‘Prohibition’ if he reaches his $1,500 goal.”

Josh “Prohibition” Piscura will wrestle an opponent on Thursday, April 6, as the culmination of the school talent show.

“My opponent will be a graduate of our rival school, Cuyahoga Heights,” Josh says. “This is even more motivation to push donations over the top.”

For Molly, her involvement with LLS has taught her so much that it’s difficult for her to choose just one thing.

“I have learned about organization, balancing my studies and sports with volunteering for LLS and tackling many things I’ve never done before,” Molly says. “I find myself sitting in class thinking about what needs to be done, how to motivate kids to donate and other ways we can help. The experience has taught me to always consider what others are going through. LLS is a wonderful organization and we’re proud to be helping.”

Molly, her team and all the students are who Josh Piscura is most proud of throughout this project.

“We’re so used to hearing negative stories about teenagers,” says Josh. “In my experience they are a hardworking, kind and empathetic group. Watching the students balance classwork and extracurriculars with volunteering to fight a good cause is inspiring and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

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The deadline for donations is Saturday, March 18. For more information and to donate, visit