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MaxStrength Fitness can change your life in a way you never imagined

For someone who hadn’t lifted a weight in more than 25 years, Laurie R. knew when she turned 50 last year that it was time to take a proactive approach to her health and find a professional, non-intimidating environment. She read a story in Mimi Magazine about MaxStrength Fitness studio that checked a lot of boxes for her: mirror-free,...

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HealthMarkets Agent, Scott McEvoy is in your corner when it comes to Medicare coverage

If you’re on Medicare, the best word to describe your status in September might have been, “bombarded.” You probably received a huge influx of telephone calls, mail and email about your Medicare options for the Annual Election Period, happening Friday, October 15 until Tuesday, December 7. Turn on the television and your favorite and...

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Shop from looks that you love for wardrobe and home at It’s So You Boutique

Like the old song says, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” at It’s So You Resale Boutique in Willoughby. Fresh off a buying trip to Chicago, owner and local fashion maven Laurel Howes and her crew of stylish elves are debuting new merchandise to get you ready for the holidays, from gorgeous clothing and accessories to home...

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The best way to choose a real estate agent isn’t by clicking a button online

When it comes to the internet, you just never know what’s lurking behind any given button you click on. Case in point are the buttons potential homebuyers see pop up when they are shopping online for homes on the market. They are found innocently enough on all the major real estate sites—you know which ones we mean—and say things...

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No matter how you spend your day, part of it is on your feet, keep that spring in your step pain free

If the fourth quarter signifies anything, it’s a mad scramble for families who have met their insurance deductibles to schedule anything and everything medical before December 31. While you’re checking off last-minute physicals, vision and dental appointments, don’t forget about your feet. As the body’s foundation, your only contact to...

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