Crossroads Health offers services to help hurting families heal

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By Patricia Nugent

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

In Lake County, that mentality plays a key role in the Parenting with Love and Limits program provided by Crossroads Health. In its second year of operation, the international evidence-based effort includes parent education, group and family therapy and individual coaching. It’s currently the only one operating in Ohio.

“This program has been successful across the United States in helping hurting families heal. These are outpatient services families need and deserve,” says Brian Strozewski, who is the Intensive Family Services Supervisor for Crossroads. “When Covid-19 first hit, we were able to transition these outpatient services to telehealth, then, more recently, deliver a hybrid combination of telehealth and in-person.”

He explains they help families with intensive, higher-end needs across the spectrum, including those navigating grief from a loss, divorce, depression or a child who refuses to go to school. Each family’s length of stay in the program is 10-12 weeks.

“We collaborate with community partners and schools helping link our families to resources within the community,” says Brian.

“We rebuild bridges and restore families’ well-being. Our results have been pretty significant, effecting change in a positive way. Caregivers report they feel they are able to parent again. We restabilize the people involved so they feel as if they can be the caregivers they always hoped they would be.”

The program is just one of the tools in the arsenal of Brian’s department, which includes a team of counselors and case managers who provide intensive family services and community-based family treatment to help stabilize and restore those suffering from pain or trauma.

“We work with families within their home, where they’ll have the best chance for success,” says Brian. “Our hope and our passion is to help families not need us in the future.”

Crossroads Health is a community-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit with five main locations in Lake County: 8445 Munson Road in Mentor; 9220 Mentor Avenue in Mentor; 1083 Mentor Avenue in Painesville; 35104 Euclid Avenue, Suite 300 in Willoughby; 2 Success Boulevard at Perry High School in Perry. Call 440-255-1700 or visit for more information. The main crisis hotline is 440-953-8255.