Crossroads Health offers in-person and video appointments for people with psychiatric conditions

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By Patricia Nugent

When Covid-19 hit, one of the most vulnerable segments of the population—those who take medications to manage issues such as anxiety or substance use disorder—was in good hands, thanks to the pharmacological management program at Crossroads Health.

“Although it happened quickly, we were up and running with telephone and video visits provided to our people so there was no interruption of service,” says Adam Oxley, who manages the program. “Our goal is to reduce, stabilize or even eliminate psychiatric symptoms in patients through psychiatry and medication management.”

He says the silver lining to the video visits is patients with poor access to transportation have been keeping their appointments. Though they are back to face-to-face visits, video visits may continue going forward.

For patients who needed to pick up their medications or have lab work done, Crossroads sets up a safe and private station by the building’s entrance.

According to Medical Director and Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Schenkelberg, people who come to them via walk-ins or referrals from other agencies are evaluated and given a diagnostic assessment. After that they are assigned a therapist and case manager.

“Our operation is highly collaborative,” says Dr. Schenkelberg. “We provide the full gamut of treatments for various conditions, from mild anxiety to high-risk disturbances.”

He says there is a promising new prescription drug called Spravato, which is used along with an antidepressant to address treatment-resistant depression in adults.

“This exciting FDA-approved nasal spray has shown encouraging results,” he says. “It targets a different system in the brain compared to other medications. We are one of only three sites in Northeast Ohio that can offer it.”

Adam says he hopes people who may be struggling don’t feel any shame in asking for help.

“Crossroads offers many levels of integrated care, including group therapy and counseling programs,” says Adam.

Crossroads Health is a community-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit with five main locations in Lake County: 8445 Munson Road in Mentor, 9220 Mentor Avenue in Mentor, 1083 Mentor Avenue in Painesville, 35104 Euclid Avenue, Suite 300 in Willoughby and 2 Success Boulevard at Perry High School in Perry. Call 440-255-1700 or visit for more information. The main crisis hotline is440-953-8255.