Clients who have previously failed at other gyms succeed at Fitness Together

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Clients with no motivation and even less desire to work out have a home at Fitness Together. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Patricia Nugent

Have you ever heard of the old adage “nothing succeeds like success?” It could be a case study for the Fitness Together studios and owner Erin Mellinger.

Since graduating from Muskingum University 10 years ago, she matched her love of training with a keen business acumen and opened her first Fitness Together in Canfield. Its method of 1:1 training in private, well-equipped suites with an emphasis on accountability and motivation was a big hit, and over the following decade she opened three more studios in Poland, Howland and Medina.

Her newest location—in Fairlawn—opened its doors last December.

“After we opened, we quickly started to fill up,” says Erin. “We seem to be a perfect fit with the folks in Fairlawn who understand what a difference highly personalized training can make.”

The premise is to take the guesswork out of exercise. Knowledgeable trainers establish a custom-made program to meet clients’ goals. Along the journey, every six weeks they evaluate a person’s progress and tweak the program if needed.

Meet Teresa

Why do clients who have previously failed at other gyms succeed at Fitness Together?

“I think the answer is the accountability,” says Erin. “We are all about results, sticking with clients every step of the way, getting them back in shape and on the road to wellness.”

Teresa from Fairlawn is a perfect example. She was one of the first people to sign up in December.

“I have literally joined and quit every gym in Northeast Ohio,” says Teresa, laughing.

“Having zero motivation, combined with the fact that I hate exercise, probably had a lot to do with it. When I met Erin, she said, ‘no problem, we can work with you’ and gave me three sessions. I loved it so much I signed up for more and along the way became positively obsessed with training. I started with three-pound weights and am now up to 25-pound weights.”

The energetic 60-something-year-old says she’s gone from a size 14 to a size 10 and has already lost 18 pounds in the handful of months she’s been training.

“I have a birthday coming up in June, and by then I will have met my goals,” she adds. “I’m thankful to have found Fitness Together and have no plans of stopping.”

Living Fitness
“If I had one common thread among all of the certified trainers at our Fairlawn location, it’s that they live fitness,” says Erin. “Though each has his or her own strong suit, the ability to motivate others toward success is what struck me when I hired them to join our team.”

She also mentions that since clients work out with different trainers who have their own unique approaches each session, the training is always something different.

Here’s a rundown on the friendly faces you’ll meet at Fitness Together:

  • Cailin Fairbairn manages both the Fairlawn and Medina studios. She trains as well, and with her super-sweet demeanor you’ll be surprised by how hard she’ll make you work.
  • Kalie Kling is assistant manager, trainer and nutritional counselor. Though she began her studies in nursing, she ultimately received her degree in sport and exercise science so she could help others reverse chronic diseases through diet and exercise.
  • Josh Huff is a trainer who wears his passion for goal-setting on his sleeve. Being an avid runner, one of his own personal goals is to compete in the Boston Marathon.
  • Ryan Gant trains people with the science of exercise in mind. He can quote all of the most recent studies about the most effective training modalities and is also adept at working with people who suffer from past injuries.
  • Liann Herweden is a Fairlawn native who is passionate about the power to change your body through training. She’s a good role model for motivating clients, as she plans to compete in several body-building competitions this year.

Nutrition Counseling
The Nutrition Together program is another science-based weapon in the arsenal at Fitness Together.

“Our clients have noticed even more dramatic results when coupling training with proper nutrition,” says Erin. “This isn’t dieting. It’s a six-week counseling program with a nutritionist. There are no supplements, just sound advice on how to change your attitude toward food to achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle.”

Erin mentions those who join now can take part in the Fitness Together Summer Weight Loss Challenge. Of the five studio locations, the one who clocks in the highest percentage of weight loss through the end of June wins either a new spin bike or rowing machine.

Fitness Together is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106, in Medina. The Fairlawn location is at 2890 Sand Run Parkway, Suite B. Call 330-550-9839 for more information on either location. Visit to see testimonials from Fitness Together clients.