Chagrin Home Improvements’ professional painters can transform your home with beautiful results, expertly and efficiently

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Preparation is the key to a perfect paint job. Chagrin Home Improvements takes pride in its ability to properly prepare any room for paint. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

With gift giving sounding like it’s going to be particularly difficult this year, why not get a little creative and give yourself and your family the gift of an updated interior paint job? If you call Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, he’ll get you on the schedule today and you’ll be showing off your newly painted rooms for the holidays.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s nothing like a new paint job.” But if you’re tempted to give it a go on your own, let me speak from experience when I say there’s really nothing like a fresh, professional paint job. Because there’s nothing worse than having to hire someone to clean up your mess and correct your mistakes. Save yourself time, money and a lot of frustration by hiring true, experienced professionals.

The crew at Chagrin Home Improvements is just that—highly skilled professionals who will get the job done expertly, efficiently and guarantee you the highest quality results.

“Painting tops the list of regrettable DIY projects because people quickly realize there’s much more to it than they expected,” says Joe. “Every one of our foremen has over a decade of experience with interior painting and drywall repair. They are trained to do this job the right way. And, make no mistake, there is a right way to paint.”

Joe Jacobs’ Chagrin Home Improvements is now scheduling interior painting projects.

When Joe started his company, interior painting was the main service. To best serve this unpredictable Northeast Ohio community regarding climate, Chagrin Home Improvements added deck maintenance, repair and staining. Due to Joe’s meticulous service and results, the company has become as recognized for its deck staining as it is for interior paint—and no matter what the job, this team is proud of the work they do.

“The difference is that we pay great attention to detail, whether painting or deck staining, and our customers are thrilled with our results. It’s the only way we know how to do it,” Joe says.

Joe’s crew consists of friends and family members he has worked with for years, working summer jobs for family members in high school and college as they learned and developed their skills in the trade.

The team at Chagrin Home Improvements are master painters, qualified to take on any interior paint job—the right way.

“We learned from the best—true masters of their trade who taught us that there’s a right way to execute a paint job and it’s critical to the finished product,” says Joe.

Joe says that most DIY-ers skimp on the preparation. It’s time consuming and an easy corner to cut, especially when you don’t know what to look for. And if you think it’s just the basics of cleaning the walls and patching holes, think again.

Joe says that poor wall preparation makes all the difference in the final product and can even affect the look of the color you apply. You want to make sure that beautiful shade you picked never peels and looks absolutely perfect.

Other things like the right tools for the job, the highest quality paints and products, the correct type of paint for the room, even the right order to do things all make a big difference and require training.

“We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art wall sanding system that allows us to achieve a perfectly smooth, even finish while eliminating dust with a high powered HEPA dust collection system,” says Joe. “It’s a game changer when repairing walls and prepping for paint.”

For more information, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website

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