Chagrin Home Improvements can revitalize your outdoor living space

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Joe Jacobs’ Chagrin Home Improvements specializes in revitalizing decks of every type and age. Now is the time to get on the spring schedule to secure your outdoor space for the season. Joe (center) is pictured with Evan Gilliland (left) and Billy Rood. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

Who says you can’t go home again? After graduating from college in south Florida in 2007, Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, came back home for all the right reasons—and discovered it’s where he belongs.

“I came back due to family issues,” says Joe. “I knew that I’d regret not helping out, but it was difficult to find a job that actually utilized my college degree. So, I fell back on what I knew from past summer jobs working for family members in different trades.”

Joe had learned several skills working those summer jobs and enjoyed seeing the fruits of his labor at the end of each day.

“I did a little of everything—painting, carpentry and deck restoration,” says Joe. “I decided that if I was going to do this as a career, I needed to focus on one service. There’s a need for professional deck restoration in this area and that’s where I decided to focus my business.”

Joe and his staff at Chagrin Home Improvements take their presence in and around your home very seriously. Everything from their appearance to the treatment of your property is neat, clean, courteous and professional.

“Maintaining your deck is protecting your investment, of course, but it also allows you to enjoy outdoor living in a space that’s attractive and adds value to your home,” says Joe. “Neglect is the worst enemy of a deck. And the Northeast Ohio weather isn’t doing us any favors. But with proper maintenance, you can enjoy yours for decades.”

Winter weather, and especially the freeze and thaw cycles, wreak havoc on decks. Chagrin Home Improvements will assess your deck’s condition, make any specified repairs, then clean and prepare it for their staining and sealing process.

“Most jobs can be competed with two hassle-free trips,” says Joe. “Often people think their deck is beyond repair and they need to replace it. Only about five percent of the time is that necessary. We can almost always repair it and spare you the cost of replacement.”

Joe does all quotes himself and you don’t even need to be home. He’ll look at your deck, take photos and measurements, get back to you with his written estimate, and you’re on your way to a like-new outdoor living space.

“It’s a very efficient process,” says Joe. “It’s just me and two staff members doing the work. And I’ve known these guys my whole life. They are amazing at their jobs. We won’t do half the job and then disappear.”

Joe knew that in order to be successful he needed to be able to trust his staff.

“Don’t worry about being home when the work is being done,” says Joe. “My guys arrive on time and get to work. They know each other so well they don’t even need to talk about it. They each have their jobs to do and they get them done efficiently and professionally.”

And Joe says that, while it depends on the current condition of your deck, most Chagrin Home Improvements deck stain restorations should hold up for two or three years.

“Some others try to get you on a yearly schedule, but if you have it done right, every two or three years should be fine,” says Joe. “We recommend rinsing off the dirt so mold doesn’t form, then call us when you need the professionals.”

For more information and to get on the spring schedule, call Chagrin Home Improvements at 440-247-6700 or check the website

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