Caught in a bad romance

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By Rachelle Yarnell, Studio 3 Salon

They’re the one person besides your mother who knows your natural hair color, and you trust them with your appearance.

The questions I’d like you to stop and ask yourself are:

Are you in love with your hairdresser? Are all of your hair days “good hair days?”

Here are four words you never want to hear from your stylist: “Just the usual, today?” Springtime is nearly here and your stylist should be suggesting subtle changes to your color or style.

Not necessarily feeling the love in this relationship? Maybe it’s time for a breakup. No one deserves to stay stuck in a partnership that’s going nowhere.

At Studio 3 Salon, we recognize the bond with our clients is special and do everything to keep it going and growing.

Since our clients often tell us how amazing their hair looks when they leave the salon, we introduced an educational service where we get into the nitty-gritty of how to keep that “fresh-from-the-salon” look. When clients book a style with knowledge service for $45, they learn about the best products (25% off) and styling methods so they can love their hair again. It’s like a first date.

Beauty expert Rachelle Yarnell is the founder of four salons throughout Ohio, including Studio 3 Salon located at 19820 West 130th Street in Strongsville. Call 440-638-4300 or visit