Caisheng Complete Custom Menswear offers your choices, your taste and your style at surprisingly affordable prices

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John Huang (pictured), along with his wife, Lisa, owns Caisheng Complete Custom Menswear in Fairlawn. In addition to finely tailored shirts and suits, the store also offers bridal gowns for rent and tailoring services for evening gowns. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

The bespoke suit is making a comeback. Even with all the different sizes ranging from slim fit to 8XL, as well as shirts specifically designed to be either tucked in or worn out, the perfect fit is still elusive for many.

With a nod to the tailors of yesteryear, Caisheng Complete Custom Menswear offers fashionable menswear with the perfect fit. At this new Fairlawn store, you won’t find mass-produced, ready-to-wear garments like in department stores. Instead, you walk into a world of possibilities. On display are numerous shirt collars and cuff styles to choose from, along with hundreds of fabric swatches. A life-size touch pad storyboard display helps you visualize your made-to-measure suit jackets, pants and shirts.

“The process is simple,” says John Huang, who, along with his wife, Lisa, owns the store. “First we take your measurements and have you try on sample clothing to gauge your size. Then the digital storyboard prompts you through all of the options and gives you style ideas.”

There also are hundreds of samples of fabrics in different colors and patterns—which are sourced from Italy, England and China—that customers can touch and feel.

When designing a suit, you choose what kind of pockets you want, width of lapel, number of buttons, lining color and pattern, and whether single or double vents. Once all of the selections are made, the order is sent to the Caisheng factory overseas and the garment is custom-made and shipped back in two to three weeks.

Caisheng Complete Custom Menswear offers hundreds of samples of fabrics in different colors and patterns that customers can touch and feel.

“We partnered with Caisheng because they are an established brand and their suits are worn internationally by prime ministers and celebrities alike,” says John, who also owns Champlin’s Cleaners, which has been offering dry cleaning and alterations in town for the past 20 years.

And at Caisheng, custom-made suits are more affordable than you may think.

“Our prices are the same or less than you would pay for suits on the rack at the department store,” says John. “Here you do not pay for the designer name brand label. In fact, the customer’s name is embroidered inside the suit lining. And you get the highest quality materials, as all of our suits are made with 100 percent wool.”

It’s All in the Details
Every detail down to the color of the buttonhole stitching is customized on suits, shirts and pants. While many prefer thread the same color as the fabric, you can be more design savvy and pick a contrasting color, such as red thread on a navy suit.

When designing a shirt, there are a dozen collar styles to choose from, some with buttons at the tips and other options where the button is concealed under the collar flap.

Customers can have their initials monogrammed on the shirt cuffs at no additional charge.

Using a digital storyboard, Wazhma helps design your suit—you choose pockets, width of lapel, number of buttons, lining color and pattern, and whether single or double vents.

Tuxedos and Bridal Gowns
In addition to menswear, Caisheng can tailor-make wedding gowns, bridesmaid and prom dresses, as well as tuxedos for the gents.

“We give customers the option to buy or rent tuxedos and help women design special occasion dresses,” says John. “Oftentimes we can make a tuxedo that you can purchase for the same price as renting one.”

If you find a photo in a magazine of a dress you like, you can bring it to the store and Caisheng will customize it to fit you. The store also rents wedding gowns as a cost-effective alternative to buying a dress.

Caisheng Complete Custom Menswear is located at 2747 Crawfis Boulevard, Suite 103, in Fairlawn. Store hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 330-869-8889.