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Erin Mellinger is on a mission to transform every body—and now she’s focused on Fairlawn. Here’s why her newest Fitness Together studio should be on your weight loss radar. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Patricia Nugent

Opening, owning and operating five Fitness Together studios over the past 10 years has been a challenging combo of ambition, fearlessness and, most of all, hard work. And Erin Mellinger wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up on the second largest produce farm in Ohio, and playing sports throughout her life, Erin learned a lot about giving everything you have to endure and succeed.

With a degree in health and physical education, her family expected her to become a teacher, but she followed a path less traveled and became a personal trainer before opening her first Fitness Together.

“It’s hard to express how rewarding it is to improve someone’s life through training,” she says.

“We all have our ebbs and flows when it comes to staying healthy. Sometimes people don’t care about how they look and don’t want to bother. My staff and I are here to be the motivators to get them up off that couch. Staying fit is about so much more than looking good. It’s about quality of life and longevity. If you’re 30, are you thinking about how active you want to be when you’re 50, or 70?”

This month, Erin opens her fifth studio, in Fairlawn, and it’s already buzzing with new clients. The other studios are located in Medina, Poland, Howland and Canfield.

“Why do I think the Fitness Together formula works so well?” she asks.

“Because the results are permanent. Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful, and that’s what happens with us. As soon as a neighbor or coworker sees someone has transformed their life by losing weight, building muscle and gaining energy, they want that for themselves and our phone starts ringing.”

Fitness Trends for 2018: HIIT and Wearable Tech
Fitness magazine ranks High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the #1 fitness trend.

“HIIT pushes your body to its limit for short intervals and then allows for a recovery,” she says. “It’s just one modality we use to boost endurance and stamina. We are always careful to balance it with other methods of training so people don’t burn out.”

Another emerging trend is wearable tech. As usual, Fitness Together is ahead of the game. Last year they introduced heart rate monitors that every client receives when they sign up.

“The monitors allow us to track clients during the day when they are not here,” she says.

Why This Studio Succeeds
Erin says what makes them different is accountability.

“We are all about results, sticking with clients every step of the way, getting them back in shape and on the road to wellness,” she adds.

“And unlike other places, we are not one-size-fits-all. All of our efforts are uniquely customized to the client’s capabilities and goals, whether they be weight loss, building muscle, or improving balance and agility.”

Two nicely appointed private suites are loaded with weight sets, kettlebells, balance balls, battle ropes, kickboxing bags, boxing gloves and every other tool geared toward making a client’s workout plan come to life and keeping them motivated.

The Role Nutrition Plays
“Coupled with fitness training, our Nutrition Together program addresses the other half of the equation, pushing clients for even greater results,” says Erin.

This science-based counseling program is led by a nutritionist.

“There are no diets or supplements, just sound advice on how to change your attitude toward food to live healthier,” says Erin.

Though in January people make resolutions to lose weight, she says they should be looking at the bigger, forever picture.

“Your body is a machine that should be operating at its peak 24/7/365, not just during the month of January,” she says.

Getting Out of That Slump
For Shannon S. of Medina, working with the variety of trainers in combination with Nutrition Together is the ideal formula that spurred her to lose 10 inches off her body—from arms to waist, hips and thighs—since starting last August.

“I knew I was in a slump, physically, mentally and emotionally—so unhappy with how I looked and felt,” says the 40-something mom of two young boys.

“But I didn’t have the tools to get out of it. The knowledgeable trainers here have so much energy and enthusiasm. People ask me if it’s hard, if they get in my face and yell. But they don’t. They are sweet and encouraging. And each one has his or her own specialty, which makes the workouts fun and engaging.”

She also says that getting stronger while she is losing weight is a game-changer that has carried over into every aspect of her life.

Fitness Together is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106, in Medina. The new Fairlawn location is at 2890 Sand Run Parkway, Suite B. Hours are Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; Saturday, 5:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. For Medina, call 330-952-0833, and for Fairlawn, call 330-940-1470. Visit to see more testimonials.