Author Jill Bangerter explains the “how” and “why” behind spirituality and how we can all connect personally to God

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In Letters to My Children: Playing Hide and Seek With God, Jill Bangerter shares her lifelong spiritual quest and discoveries and uses her knowledge of metaphysics and mysticism to answer tough spiritual questions. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

When Jill Bangerter lost her puppy as a small child, she was devastated and talked to God about it. In response, she had her first mystical experience that set her on her lifelong spiritual quest.

This quest led her to a Metaphysical Science degree along with her Master’s Degree in Education. In addition, she is an eighth degree Astarian, a Reiki Master, and a licensed, ordained Metaphysical Minister.

She is also a member of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis and the Martinist order. All of these organizations have helped her find answers to questions that both her own children and her students have asked throughout her 40 years of teaching high school and college.

“I wrote this book because people want to talk about these things,” says Jill. “They want to know the whys and hows of spirituality, how to pray and talk to God and how He works in our world. I want to share the answers that have worked for me in my life.”

Jill knows that life can be hard. Bad things happen to everyone, and the world can be a confusing and painful place. We can often use some help, and whether this help comes from prayer or someplace else, everyone searches for answers.

“God has the answers,” says Jill.

“We need to discover that connection to God, ask for his help, share our problems and stop worrying. Sounds easy, right? It’s often this idea of letting go of the worry and trusting God that is difficult for most people.”

“I have always believed in God and had a vision in the Catholic Church when I was in high school,” says Jill.

“This doesn’t mean I haven’t had questions about how my prayers were answered or the timing of those answers, but I have never doubted God’s existence and his love for me.”

“All religions are metaphysical and mystical, but church dogma often masks it. Science and spirituality don’t clash. They ask us to believe something we cannot see and accept things on faith,” says Jill.

“Metaphysics takes you back to the beginning, to the protons and neutrons and how they vibrate and form elements to create matter. Through the study of metaphysics, the existence of God has made perfect sense to me.”

In her book, Jill explains her personal faith journey and how her education in metaphysics and the experiences she has had throughout her life have convinced her she is on the right track.

“I think for young people today especially, organized religion can be difficult,” Jill says.

“People are looking for some spiritual connection, but they want it to make sense. I wrote this book to offer my explanation.”

Jill believes we are all connected to God, who is at the center of everything. It is her hope that we don’t block that connection.

“People today find it difficult to believe on faith alone, and many are turned off with church dogma, rules and corruption. Because we’re all more knowledgeable and scientific, we want our beliefs to make sense. I wrote this book to offer my explanation in hopes that people will reconnect with God. If and when all of us are connected, the world will be better.”

Jill Bangerter lives in Mentor with her husband and two dogs and enjoys visits from her three kids and 10 grandchildren. Her book,“Letters to My Children: Playing Hide and Seek With God,” is available at, Barnes & Noble and at Balboa Press. For more information about the author, visit

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