ArtsNow launches new Corporate Liaison Program

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A new initiation from ArtsNow builds bridges between the business sector and the local creative and cultural sector.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Countless studies prove that our quality of life increases with vibrant and broad opportunities to experience local arts, culture, and our environment.

But a dynamic arts and culture scene isn’t just a nice-to-have community asset. It’s a strong economic driver. According to a 2018 study by Ohio Citizens for the Arts and Bowling Green State University, creative industries support 290,000 jobs and contribute $41 billion dollars to Ohio’s economy. In Greater Akron alone, the creative industry supports 17,608 jobs in our economy annually.

Given this strong economic and quality-of-life boost, is there a connection between our business community and our local arts and culture sector?

ArtsNow, a community organization committed to supporting and advancing the arts and culture scene in Summit County, is working to create a bridge between the two.

Thanks to a matching grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the kind supporters of ArtsNow, the county-wide organization is launching a new initiative dubbed the Corporate Liaison Program.

“The Corporate Liaison Program will serve as a one-stop-shop for support, resources, and connections for the business and civic community to connect with artists and creatives,” explains ArtsNow Executive Director Nicole Mullet.

“The service will be a resource and connector for the business sector to engage local artists for commissions and projects (from dance and music to photography and literary art) and help businesses connect with cultural and environmental assets.”

And according to Nicole, there are countless ways that connections to arts, culture, and the environment can drive better business results.

“Partnering with the arts can cultivate diversity and empathy—helping to build an inclusive workforce. And we’ve seen the arts amplify skills of creative thinking, leadership and corporate innovation,” she shares.

“Creative and cultural experiences can also be unique ways to show gratitude to your employees or clients. But, perhaps, most importantly, we know that arts and cultural experiences are essential to the development of a vibrant and diverse community. They are the keys to creating places where the best employees want to live, work, shop, create, and contribute.”

Businesses or community organizations who are interested in the program will work with ArtsNow team member and Corporate Liaison Grace Myers.

“We are thrilled to help the business and social sectors connect with the creative and cultural community. We’re already seeing the success of arts and business partnerships that can not only fuel our economy, but also promote wellness, safety, and lasting community engagement.”

For more information or to learn how your business or organization can connect with local arts and culture, please email, call 330-752-2815 or visit