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Here’s how Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim’s new holiday subscription series is reconnecting people to the Jewish community

Lately, there’s been plenty of new research into what it takes to live a long, healthy and happy life. And the findings are clear: people with strong social relationships enjoy a greater quality of life than those who feel more isolated. That should come as no surprise. Humans are social creatures, who—for countless...

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Howard Hanna Realtor Amy Hoes’ listings sell faster and for more money

Are you seeing fewer “For Sale” signs around the area now that summer is coming to a close? If you think you missed the boat on buying or selling your home this year, Amy Hoes, of Howard Hanna Real Estate, assures you to fear not. “My third and fourth quarters are actually always strong,” she reports. “I think people are busy in the...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Creamy Lemon Basil Shrimp Pasta with Goat Cheese

All the best flavors of the summer are coming together to play out the season on a flavorful note. One of my favorite recipes, this sweet and spicy shrimp pasta will have your taste buds singing a tasty tune. For step-by-step instructions with photos, click here. Creamy Lemon Basil Shrimp Pasta with Goat Cheese Prep time: 15...

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Bio-identical hormone prescriptions that restore optimal function and balance

Hormone imbalance can start when hormone levels become too high or too low in adolescence, after a baby, or with menopause. If you have tried a treatment or medication for hormonal problems, are frustrated by incomplete results or side effects, or if you want a more natural approach, then bio-identical hormone therapy may be right for...

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Here’s how Vionic makes the transition to fall and beyond

Q: I am in love with my Vionic sandals (and will secretly want to wait until the first snowfall to take them out of my wardrobe rotation), but I need something fashionable for fall. What are your recommendations for Vionic’s fall shoes? A: At our Vionic locations—both Fairlawn and our newest in Crocker Park—we cannot wait for...

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