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A sitz bath can help alleviate hemorrhoids

A common method used to provide relief from hemorrhoids is to take a sitz bath. The word sitz comes from the German word “sitzen,” which means “to sit.” No type of chemical or soap is required, although some people add Epsom salt to the bath to help reduce irritation. The temperature of a sitz bath should be very warm, but not too hot...

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Getting your hearing checked before you’re struggling can prevent greater hearing loss

From your last vacation, which do you remember more vividly: the beauty of the beach, or the roar of the ocean? Hearing doesn’t always receive the same level of engagement as the other four senses, so heading into May, which is Better Hearing and Speech Month, we sat down with audiologist Dr. Danielle Hoenig for some insights into this...

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The missing omega-3

An emerging area of nutritional research is the microbiome. The gut microbiome refers to the collection of trillions of microbes living within the gastrointestinal tract. We now know this collection plays a profound role in our health, including energy production, brain health, immune system, digestion and even emotional well-being and...

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There is help for navigating autism

Many parents who learn their child has autism spring into fix-it mode, immediately trying to change the reality of the situation. “We’re constantly thinking maybe this vitamin will work, or that doctor will help. The reality is, we just have to accept our children for who they are and love them for where they’re at,” says Maritza Molis,...

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The reimagined Dana Lauren Salon & Spa looks and feels up to the minute with products and services to match

Dana Lauren Salon & Spa is hitting the refresh button this month to celebrate its 10th anniversary—refurbishing the décor and introducing new services and products. Owned by the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Christine Castle and Dana Pollatos, the salon resembles a super stylish yet homey getaway for relaxation and rejuvenation...

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