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The 30-day self love challenge

During a recent coaching session, a client told me she wanted to work on her relationships. She was struggling with her husband, her daughter, her boss and a friend. We did not spend time focusing on those people, but rather looking at her relationship with herself. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Regardless of...

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Thanks to Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists there is hope

One patient recently told me he’d given up on the idea of ever finding relief from his hemorrhoids. “I had absolutely no hope that this would ever get better,” he said. “I didn’t want to get surgery, so I thought I’d have to live with this forever. Thank you so much for helping me.” Hemorrhoids are a very real medical condition...

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From signature wearables and accessories to an organic line of dog food, the freshly minted Bare’s Closet caters to dogs of all ages and sizes

“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” —Nora Roberts After Baron “Bare” Alo Kuchar bounded into the lives of Heather and Ray Kuchar in 2020, nothing has been the same. Equal parts lovable and loving, this 94-pound English Labrador has brought immense joy to the family. In addition to being “a nonstop cuddly bundle of...

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Filling the niche between selling a home by owner and using a traditional real estate company, Exactly was founded in 2018 to provide homeowners a better way to sell their homes

Though the price of everything from pumpkins and clams to cars and appliances has gone up this fall, one local company has kept its prices the same as the day it was founded. “The price of everything has increased, but we are still maintaining our flat-rate fee structure, which helps our clients save money,” says Aaron Peterson, one of...

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Angels with wings: During this year’s Butterfly Gala, crucial funds were raised to continue to help those impacted by cancer

It’s been said that butterflies are nature’s angels. And at last month’s Butterfly Gala, everyone in attendance was there helping others. Whether supporting someone going through a cancer journey or in memory of a family member, 400 strong were there to raise funds for Stewart’s Caring Place. In its 19th year, the Butterfly Gala is...

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