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Stop in to experience the Floorz difference

Floorz is the product of years of hard work and dedication. As a family-owned business, we take pride in the fact that we live in, work in and give back to the community. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, and, today, as a husband, father of four and grandfather of one, continue to call this area home. I started in the flooring industry more than 20...

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Local nonprofit ArtsNow spearheaded the creation of a plan to develop arts and culture in Summit County

Many well-run organizations, both businesses and nonprofits, have a strategic plan. It’s more than a document, more than a doorstop. It’s a road map for the future. It explains who the organization is, what it does, and where it wants to go. The plan helps everyone in the enterprise stay focused on meaningful initiatives and not become...

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Quick and painless hemorrhoid relief

As the only physician in Northeast Ohio with a practice focused exclusively on treating hemorrhoids, I see afflicted patients all day, every day. In fact, since I launched my practice in 2007, I’ve performed more than 50,000 non-surgical procedures right here in Northeast Ohio. That’s a lot of bumps on the rump, but what the number...

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The Hair Specialists includes experts in the field of thinning hair to help prevent and disguise hair loss and regrow hair

It’s only fitting that The Hair Specialists moved to a new location in a renovated, lovingly restored, 1950s home. Radiating welcoming warmth, the salon is cozy, comfy and chic. The original salon, which opened in Hudson in 2010, attracted people from across the country, as clients came from Texas, Florida, Colorado and all over Ohio for its...

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Twelve weeks to a better you

This month we’re kicking off a 12-week program. Why 12? Well, we’ve found this is the sweet spot in a best-case training paradigm. At 12 weeks, the body has become properly adapted to the movements, weight loss in terms of fat loss has begun, and nutritional coaching has boosted the way the body uses food as fuel after workouts. Our...

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