After Wally Anders turned 50, he turned to Fitness Together for a new activity to stay strong

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Wally Anders (left) joined Cody Plank’s Fitness Together to burn fat and build muscle. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Patricia Nugent

Since opening this spring, the trainers at Fitness Together in Bay Village have helped people turn their health around, in whatever way they needed most, whether losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving balance, flexibility or endurance. And each client comes with his or her own special story.

Co-owner Cody Plank says few stories are as inspiring as Wally Anders.

After being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in his 20s, Wally faced the eventual loss of his vision. But he never let that stop him. He’s enjoyed a myriad of outdoor adventures, from downhill skiing with guides to wake boarding and water skiing.

If you live in Bay Village, you’ve probably seen him and his wife Becki riding their tandem bike around town.

He’s also pursued a successful career as an investment advisor for a major bank downtown.

Changing Things up Makes a Big Impact
Although Wally was quite disciplined when it came to his daily exercise regimen, setting up a personal gym in his home, after the clock struck 50, he thought repeating the same workout over and over had brought him to a plateau.

When Wally and Becki read about Fitness Together in Mimi Magazine, with its unique brand of one to one personal training in private exercise suites, they thought they’d give it a try.

“We were impressed with the initial consultation,” says Wally. “Although we are both active, Cody was able to customize goals for us. I wanted to lose a little body fat while gaining strength, and Becki wanted to gain muscle.”

The adorable couple reports their twice-weekly sessions are equal parts exhausting and fun. They also say the training suites, which are outfitted with the latest equipment, from cardio machines to suspension bands, medicine and stability balls, battle ropes and weights, make the workouts seem more efficient.

“The trainers here definitely push you harder than you ever would yourself,” says Wally.

“I have only a little peripheral vision left, so Cody modifies workouts for me. I wish I could say that means he makes them easier, but he doesn’t. He works all muscle groups, and, afterward, I feel exhausted in a good way. The sessions are serious, but there’s also a lot of joking and loud country music. We always look forward to coming. It never feels like an obligation.”

After the first six weeks, their health numbers revealed that he burned fat and built muscle. Becki had gained muscle, too.

Cody says the Anders’ results are in line with most of their clients, who range from student and professional athletes to busy moms and dads, as well as seniors.

Different Strengths Brought to the Table
In addition to Cody, clients train here with the other owner, Sean Sullivan, as well as Erin Kasper. Sean has owned a Fitness Together studio in Brecksville for the past 10 years.

Erin graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with her degree in exercise science. This NCAA All-American in track and field enjoys inspiring others through her lifelong love of athletics.

Fitness Together is located within the Dover Commons Shopping Center, by Fragapane’s Bakery, at 650 Dover Center Road, Bay Village. Call 440-671-3200 or visit for more information and to see other dramatic testimonials from people who have trained there.