A visit to Westlake Dental Associates can have you smiling brightly

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Haven’t visited the dentist in a while? No problem. The team at Westlake Dental Associates sees people of all ages with all types of dental concerns. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Adam Cook

After you’ve put down the eggnog and sorted through the crop of holiday pictures splattered across social media, you might find yourself agog at your perennially closed-mouth smile.

Sure, you can convince yourself that your seemingly signature expression appears coy and enigmatic. But a closed-mouth smile is, in actuality, made conspicuous by a glaring omission—teeth.

As you may suspect, attempts—whether conscience or not—to mask crooked, missing or discolored teeth reveal a lack of confidence.

Drs. Chrys Constantinou, Jessica Chrzanowski, and Allyson McClendon, of Westlake Dental Associates, aren’t attempting to unravel the mystery behind Mona Lisa’s delicate grin. They are, however, promising to help people who may be hiding their smile maintain better overall oral health in the coming year. It’s their hope that this time next year, you’ll be able to peruse holiday photos of yourself with loved ones that depict a more confident, beautiful smile.

“People are surprised to learn that the bonus to improving their smile is an improvement in their overall health,” says Dr. Constantinou.

“The mouth is the gateway to the body, and the desire for whiter, straighter teeth is often the first step in the continual process to bring out a person’s best self. Good dentition leads to a better self-image, and more confidence leads to better choices.”

While Westlake Dental Associates advocates a process of continual improvement, thanks to advancements in technology you’ll quickly be able to enjoy the results.

BEFORE: (top) Roxanne’s teeth had significant discoloration and cracking.
AFTER: (bottom) The team at Westlake Dental Associates gave Roxanne the smile she was looking for.

Photography: Leigh Roth

Courtesy of the Cerec machine, you can get a tooth crowned—fitted, fabricated, and affixed—in a single appointment. The Cerec machine uses digital dental imaging impressions to custom craft more accurate fittings.

“Thanks to Cerec technology, wait times to get your crowns back from the lab is significantly reduced, and very often they can be done while you wait in the chair,” says Dr. Constantinou.

“We have the option to quickly restore your teeth, often times without messy impressions, costing you less and affording better results than traditional treatment.”

And as you continue to ponder your resolve to enjoy a better smile this year, you can safely put aside the outdated notion of “no pain, no gain,” thanks to the Solea Dental Laser, the modern alternative to a shot of anesthesia and the worrisome whirr of a dentist’s drill.

“People’s preconceived notions about getting cavities filled might keep them from seeing their dentists,” says Dr. Constantinou. “Many of the fillings we do now are done with the laser instead of the drill. There is no pain, and there are no injections.”

Another technological advancement has arrived in time for the age of social media. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are transparent and removable alternatives to metal braces, with significantly less treatment time.

“When you post your pictures to social media, there’s no reason to feel self-conscious. With Invisalign, you can be camera ready— quickly,” offers Dr. Chrzanowski.

Back to the Basics
Straight away from your first visit to Westlake Dental, you’ll already begin to enjoy a healthier, whiter-looking smile.

After the dental hygienist painlessly scrapes away the plaque and tartar that’s built up around the gum line—rinse!—gives your teeth a good brushing with gritty toothpaste—rinse!—and flosses—last time, rinse!—you’ll have cleaner, whiter teeth. You may have come in fearing the worst, but you’ll leave feeling less stressed knowing a return visit to Westlake Dental in six months will be just as effortless.

“Twice-yearly teeth cleanings and checkups make a difference,” says Dr. Chrzanowski.

“It’s an opportunity to prevent cavities and gum disease and to detect issues early. A relationship forms during those routine visits. We partner with our patients and compare results from one visit to the next to help keep them on track to reach their goals. It’s not one size fits all. Some patients come in and say, ‘I’ve been doing research and I’m concerned about dental decay,’ or, ‘I think I’m wearing away my enamel.’ We work with each person to address and resolve every kind of dental concern.”

Regardless of the time of year, it’s always a good time to resolve to take better care of your mouth. Westlake Dental Associates offers a complimentary whitening program if you are in great oral health, with no need to return for a second appointment for restorations.

“The choice to come in at all is what counts. For many, it’s the biggest step,” says Dr. McClendon.

“We never really know what’s going on in people lives—what circumstances were present that prevented them from getting the dental treatment they needed, or what barriers stood in the way of them becoming their best selves. We’re here to help our patients have the confidence to move forward.”

“The mouth is the gateway to the body,” Dr. Constantinou says. “The choice to come in now is the first step toward making a change for the better—this year, and the next.”

Westlake Dental Associates is located at 25575 Center Ridge Road. Request an appointment by calling 440-835-8999 or visit WestlakeDentalAssociates.com. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.