A new edge

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Take your tile to the next level.

By Patricia Nugent

Attention to detail can transform a project from ordinary to extraordinary. Providing a product that lends the edge between tile and adjacent wall or floor—known as an edge profile—has evolved to become the detail that makes an eye-appealing difference in any room.

Shawn Rosa, sales manager at Guhde Flooring America in Lake County, says that the styles, colors, widths, finishes and materials for profiles have increased dramatically.

“The old method of edging tile was laying down a strip of metal, which would eventually be affected by moisture, or edging with bull-nose tiles,” he explains.

“We began carrying Schluter Systems edge and trim profiles because they are the leading brand, and don’t require caulking, which is perfect for environments where moisture is involved, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The maintenance-free anodized aluminum is waterproof and impervious to rust or tarnish.”

When Shawn and his wife, office manager Monica Guhde Rosa, renovated their kids’ bathroom in their own home, there was no question that Schluter edge profiles would come into play.

“We knew we wanted to create an upscale look punctuated with clean lines and detailing,” she says. “On one wall, we put together a mosaic of glass tiles and edged it with a complementary profile. We also built a niche within the shower for shampoo and soap, and used a decorative profile to frame the space. It turned out gorgeous.”

Some of the most popular metal finishes are brushed aluminum, chrome, nickel, gold and bronze, and Shawn notes that they carry some PVC styles in a variety of colors. 

“Whether with showers or kitchen backsplashes, glass accent tiles are the hot trend, and these tiles don’t usually come with finished edges, so framing them with a decorative profile adds the perfect touch,” he says.

Shawn and Monica invite you to stop in the store to check out their Schluter Shower display. In addition to the edge profiles, they offer everything needed for homeowners looking to redo their showers, such as heated flooring, specialty drains, waterproofing systems and more.

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